Macrobiotic Cooking & Recipes : Composition of a Macrobiotic Cooked Meal

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

Hi I'm Nili Nathan with Christian Morgan our macrobiotics chef. We want to show you exactly
what macrobiotics foods looks like. Cause a lot of people don't know but, based on a
Japanese diet. Cristy why don't you explain to use what is on a plate here? Well we have
whole grains this is the main portions of the diets like 50-60 % and then we have our
vegetables which are about 20%. beans and protein dishes there is beans and then we
have tenbay which I would show you how to fry later on. That is about 10%. Sea vegetables
about 5% and you just need about table spoon or two a day. You don't want to have a huge
portion of sea vegetables. So when you say 10% you mean 10% per meal or per day or on
the plate. Basically you know in general this is 60% of what you are going to be eating.
Alright. And this miso soup here is about 5-10%. And that is everyday is the miso soup.
Yeah. All this you have everyday. And now for your garnish what are those little nuts?
This are pumpkin seeds which I have toasted in a sea toaster. Okay and that is sesame
seeds. This galmozo which is a condiment made from most of sea salt and roasted sesame seeds.
Nice and the beverage is what is this one? This cocushia tea that is what we are drinking
here. It is very alkaline and there is no caffeine and it is just the twigs. Twigs.
And when you say alkaline that in macrobiotics what I was reading they say that often you
want you blood to be your Ph level to be more alkaline correct. Yes you want slightly alkaline.
If you body isn't to acid condition. That is not good. That is why we have all the disease,
the cancer, the high blood pressure, those kind of things. Okay and also you are mentioning
to me about eating what is in seasoned. Yes that is part of the principles or macrobiotics
we want to try to eat always organic and eat seasonally because different vegetables grow
at different time. And what grow in your region. And what grow in your area and we are in California
so we are very lucky we have a lot of vegetables growing.