Na`Vi.Zeus: "We are barking bulls" @ GameGune 2011

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jul 22, 2011

Zeus: Vanya, give him at least a reglan
Edward: It's too small for me
Zeus: Ahh, you don't have T-shirt, do you?
Zeus: Ok, guys...
ZeroGravity: A dog has taken the T-shirt!!!
Zeus: ... this is all nonsense
Starix: Go away!
Zeus: Ok, guys, listen to me
There are dogs and there are wolves
We are... neither of that
Edward: How come?
Zeus: We are cows!
Someone: We're cattle!
Zeus: We are barking bulls... woof!
Someone: Mutants?
Zeus: There is nuke and there is dust
We play nuke
There are CT and there are T
We play for CT
ZeroGravity: We can go A because there is A
and there is B
Zeus: We'll have guns later but for now
we have pistols and we'll start with them
ceh9: There are money and there are no money
Zeus: The pistol round will be based on our respawns
Overall we may play default
Like "you playing together, you two too"
I am alone
*repeats the default round once again*
Zeus: Okay, let's go. The important part
What did I want to say...
Markeloff: Is that all?
Zeus: no
Edward: Am I on ramp with AUG?
Zeus: No. We have to be serious
ZeroGravity: Do we give up A-plant? No. Do we take A-plant? No
Zeus: Ok, let's ceh9, starix, Eward and Markeloff say now
ZeroGravity: This is not for video now.