Amazing voice shocked the audience and Judges - Ukraine X-Factor

Uploaded by dmatora on 10.10.2011

- Hello, Aida. - Hello.
- What will you sing for us?
- Gagarina, Polina Gagarina.
- And which song?
- Lullaby
- Ok. Lullaby.
Judges look confused. They can not believe their ears...
- You are kidding me. Is it a phonogram?
- Yes, it is a phonogram. - Is it a phonogram?
- Did they apply an effect to her voice?
Two judges at the same time, suspected that Aida is using a phonogram.
- Could you surprise us with some song a cappella.
- No, same one. - Same one?
- Same one, same one. - Same one, but a cappella.
- Continue singing.
Aida is ready to sing. But what will judges hear?
- Here it is.
Judges look amaized and happy.
The audience applauds standing.
- Aida.
- Mmm?
- Actually, compliments are harder to say than a criticism.
- Because when all is well, everything is clear.
- What's the point of ranting.
- Why revel in verbiage.
- I see no point.
- Everything was simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
- Thank you.
- We stopped you becouse
- We stopped you becouse i couldn't beleive my ears.
- I thought that you are using a phonogram
- That you voice has an effect applied to.
- But you have such a magical tone.
- And you are using you voice so skillfully.
- That it sounds like a disk, like audio record.
- Like ready commercial audio record.
- Do you understand?
- Kondratyuk is always shaking when he hears word "commercial".
- So now i will let him say a word.
- Thank you.
- Your voice has a magic ability to invoke a sympathy.
- And i am not a an exception. - I am giving you a "yes".
- Thank you.
- Incredibly cool.
- Eyes, and appearance, deepness, deepness is incredible.
- I am telling you "yes".
- Thank you.
- And yet you are very beautiful
- I don't know how
- How you didn't say that, beautiful girl.
- We are afraid to say that.
- And i am not. - And i've said that from the beginning.
- I didn't hear that
- Anyway, Aida you have four "yes".
- Thank you, very much, thank you!