How to set up a Chod Rig

Uploaded by gardnertackle on 11.04.2010

One of the questions that we get asked at Gardner Tackle the most is how to fish with
a Chod Rig properly. Luckily we've got the first part of that sorted that you can buy
Ready Tied Chod Rigs that are tied to a very high specification, with the correct curve
in them, but how do you set them up?
They are ideally fished with a very buoyant hookbait and on a long length of leadcore
so that it is free-running away from the lead and the buoyant bait settles gently to the
lake under the weight of the leadcore as the line tightens. And I'll show you just how
you need to set these up to get the best out of them.
The best way to fish the Choddie is on a nice long length of leadcore. You can always buy
a ready-tied one and they are simplicity to use.
Simply, put the loop of the splice through the leadcore and pass the other end of the
leadcore through it, and that's your lead on.
Next, thread an uncut piece of Covert Silicone Sleeve (or a Covert XL Buffer Bead) on to
the leadcore to act as a buffer between the Chod Rig (or whatever kind of helicopter rig
you choose) and the top of the lead.
Next, you want to put on a bead. I recommend a Covert Safety Bead with a tapered bore.
Next, thread the Safety Bead onto the leadcore. For the bottom bead I'd recommend that you
have the opened tapered end of the bore facing down towards the lead.
Next, thread the wide end of the Flexi-Ring Swivel, that the Chod Rig is mounted on, onto
the leadcore.
And then finally, a second Safety Bead but this time with the wide end of the bore facing
upwards. This is an important safety feature because when you've got the silicone stop
in place, the bead needs to be able to pop over the top of it to make your rig safe in
case of any line breakage.
Next pull these all the way down to the lead amd finally we need to add on a small piece
of Covert Silicone Tubing at the desired length up the leadcore to stop the Chod Rig from
sliding up and stopping at the final position where we want the bait to be presented.
With the 0.5mm Covert Silicone Tubing in place on the leadcore to act as a stop for the Chod
Rig, the easy test to make sure that your rig is safe is that the Covert Safety Bead
will pull over the Silicone stop and this allows the Chod Rig to follow it in the event
that your line is broken.
As I explained, the Chod Rig should only really be used with a good quality pop-up because
that way the Chod Rig sits above the leadcore and sits gentlier onto the lake bed, but you
need to know how to set your pop-up on there correctly to get the most from the rig.
On this occassion I've looped on a 4.8mm Latex Bait Band and I'm simply going to pierce a
pop-up and thread it on and hold it in place with a Gardner bait stop.
As I said it's very important to use a good quality and buoyant pop-up with this rig.
Today I'm using Caviar and Cranberry 16mm baits from Carp Company because I've found
that these are buoyant enough to keep the Chod Rig well popped-up and balanced so that
you get good strong hook holds.
Simply thread the pop-up onto the Latex Bait Band and hold it in place with a small, dark coloured
bait stop. What you'll find is when it's lying on the lake bed, the bait will sit on the
leadcore up against the top stop and settle down gently onto the lake bed where carp can
easily find it even over light weed and silt.