Best Weight Loss Supplement - Dr. Burford on Phentabz vs Phentermine

Uploaded by nrxhealth on 26.07.2012

As physicians, in the past we were limited really in medications in regard to helping patients lose weight.
The primary drug we would use was phentermine. Phentermine is a controlled drug which had significant
side effects. These can include dry mouth, patients would feel very jittery, had trouble falling asleep,
elevated blood pressure, heart rate, and therefore, really limited the use of this medication. But PhenTabz
we see less of these side effects. Therefore, patients are more successful in staying on the medication and
in losing weight, and stay motivated. And, in doing so, have lost significant amount of weight with
PhenTabz. I prefer PhenTabz over the controlled stimulants. I feel it is safer, better tolerated, and is
beneficial for the patient.