[BaleCaps in YouTube Space Lab] Biology - Physarum polycephalum under Microgravity

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Hey, what the hell are you doing here?
-I am slime mold~ -NOOOOOO
-Hello, we are BaleCaps. -Hello, we are BaleCaps.
My name is Wei-Ting Hsiao.
And my name is Ping-Chun Lin.
Today, we want to observate the growth and movement of Physarum polycephalum
-...under microgravity. -What is that?
Let's ask the expert
Okay, what is that? Let's check it out.
(Physarum polycephalum)
Okay, this disgusting yellow thing is Physarum polycephalum.
It's a kind of fungus and it's also a kind of slime mold.
-But how can a fungus move? -Let's check it out again!
Okay, its movement was caused by a protoplasm stream that's called Shuttle Stream.
And it let the protoplasm flows out of the cell....
-And it MOVES! -Whoa, it moves!
That's disgusting!
Okay, and let's do the experiment by ourselves.
-Hey, that's not even a creature! -I SAID SO.
First, freeze the spore and deliver it to space.
Second, warm up the spore and let it grow up.
Third, we all know this creature had a negative phototropism.
That is, it will avoid the light.
So we can saw it walk here, and we can observate it.
And in this case, will the creature just walk in the air, like this?
In the whole experiment, we need to give it continuing food supply...
...and a good temperature for its growth.
If we choose the "Habitat 1" to do this experiment.
Hey, how do you think it will grow under microgravity?
Hmm...I think it will grow like...just on Earth.
Oh, and I think it will move slower than on Earth...
...because there is no gravity to steady it on a platform.
And I think...
It, may, fly.
We are BaleCaps from Taiwan.
Thanks for watching our video.
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