GENERATION P Official trailer #2 (Press CC for English subtitles)

Uploaded by generationpthemovie on 01.04.2011

Finding this old scrapbook reminded me
that as a child I was embarrassed by my name – Babylen
I told my friends that I was named for the city of Babylon
and secret doctrines of Babylon would play a great role in my fate
It's a very special time
This has never happened before and will never happen again
It's a gold rush, like the Klondike
Advertising is the only place where there's real money
You and I prepare ads for the leading brands
There's got to be a clear Russian national idea
We've lost our soul because of all this shit
Need a new job?
Where are we going?
Just watch
In Russia, you buy a couple of streets
and it turns out there are people living on them
They actually think the streets are theirs
Every politician is a TV show
Give people a show!
It was tougher in Kandahar!
They’ll forget about their wives, their mommies and daddies
and most important, they’ll forget about the government
Taking into account numerous requests
I’ve decided on the following course of action:
I don't know how to do anything but write bad slogans
What's that?
– And what will it do for me? – You'll see
Watch your head
You don’t get it yet?
We'll create him
I don't want logic, I want dirt
We need a Merc-SS, a solid car
You wrote here "the collective unconscious"
Do you know what it means?
Yes, at a collective unconscious level
Morkovin, what's that?
Don't even think about that. Ever
Aren't you afraid someone knows exactly?
If you get paid, it means someone is happy
Learn to pinch yourself
The real mafia are five guys pushing the buttons
manipulating us
Did I ever think that one day
I might steer this awesome machine?
Tatarsky! The People's Will
There's a hell of a question to answer here
Hamlet's question