The Unidentified - 1 of 11 (Japanese with English Captions)

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How's the sea?
This is great.
-It's really pretty. -Ta-daah!
Those cliffs...
Wow, look down there! It's scary!
If you fall down there the current will drag you.
Oh, you're recording, Haruko?
-Give it here a second. -No, don't.
I'lll film you. I'll film you.
Come in here with me.
Our company's very own diva, Haruko-san!
And Yotchan! Yay!
What a waste being behind the camera!
It is, isn't it!
Being so pretty!
Wow, it's amazing.
How high!
It's really high!
Yes, but it's beautiful.
It's sparkling!
Come and look! Come and look!
Super scary.
It's scary looking down.
It's beautiful.
It's so blue.
What? What?
August 12, 2005
A random attack incident occurs in Myogasaki.
Two people die, one person is seriously injured.
3 years later
Koji Shiraishi - Director
I began gathering info on the incident so that it would be remembered.
Come in here with me.
Our company's very own diva, Haruko-san!
What about the people who were stabed?
I don't know the exact location where they were but...
(HarukoToyoda - inicident photographer) ...when I looked back from there... this area, there was a woman...
(Shinobu Kurimura - Assistant Director) This is the exact spot where she was stabbed.
Satomi, she...
...she had a dream.
In the dream she was in Myogasaki. (Satomi Yonehara - died at the incident. 17 years old at the time.)
In her dream Myogasaki was so beautiful.
She said that it was a sign...
...that something good would happen if she went to Myogasaki. (Miho Yonehara - Satomi's mother)
Something marvelous.
That is what she said.
I really had the intention of going there with her but...
...the timing was bad...
...and she seemed to be in a hurry to do so... she ended up going alone.
I was intending to marry her... I was buying this apartment for us.
(Noriko Migita - died at incident. 25 years old at the time.) One night three years ago...
...I was with Migi in her apartment. (Hideki Taniguchi - was engaged to Noriko)
By Migi, I mean my girlfriend. That is what I used to call her.
Migi was looking at a magazine...
...that had a picture of Myogasaki in it.
She was saying, "Oh, I'd like to go there."
So we talked about it and got so excited with the idea that...
...we went to a rent-a-car in the middle of the night, rented one...
...and took off right away.
Before that I was living with my parents in Osaka...
...and I was a temporary worker.
Back then, I thought they might think I was f****ng nuts, so I didn't dare say anything.
About a week before the incident... (Shohei Eno - 30 years old, injured at the incident)
...I was laying down at home.
When I turned on the TV... a voice spoke to me.
It sounded like (bleep)'s voice...
...and told me to go to Myogasaki.
I heard the voice say that.
Wha- what do you mean?
"Go to Myogasaki"
When you say you heard a voice...
...couldn't it have been an auditory hallucination or something?
That is what I thought at first.
But then there was a family travel show on the TV.
In the show Myogasaki was being covered.
I was surprised when I saw that.
I thought, "There's is such a place! Such a place does exist!"
So I thought something miraculous would happen if I went.
So you went to Myogasaki expecting to see that miracle.
Were there many people here that day?
There weren't that many.
Well, we were walking around...
...looking at the ocean...
...and then I had to go to the restroom... I told her to wait a minute for me...
...and went to the restroom.
It took me a little while. I was walking around for a while...
...waiting for something to happen.
As I did...
...I started to cross the bridge.
I stopped to look at the ocean...
...and when I did I heard a voice from behind us.
When I turned around...
...I could hear people screaming.
When I looked behind me, he was stabbing people.
I was scared, terrified. So I tried to run away.
But my legs would not respond. I couldn't move my legs.
So I fell forward.
The man tried to run away, fell and bumped against me.
When I pointed the camera at him he screamed at me for help.
Help- Help me!
When I didn't see Migi I panicked and started running.
I saw her lying down near the middle of the bridge.
So I ran up to her and...
...I saw that she was bleeding.
When I looked backwards I saw that the man was coming my way.
He came and stabbed and slashed me in the back, around this area.
Are you alright?
Help me!
Somebody, please!
Isn't that the guy? That's him, isn't it?
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no.
The criminal jumped into the ocean right after his attack. His body was never found.
The criminal came all the way up to this area, right?
Why didn't you try to run away having seen what happened?
I guess the...
I thought there was something important that I...
What did you think was so important at the moment?
What did I...?
What did I...?
I don't know...
If you think about it now, you don't know.
You see, when we first started to make this documentary...
...I was thinking that there was a further impending importance to doing it...
...but just like you, Toyoda-san, I don't seem to know exactly what it is.
Lately, Satomi...
...has been appearing in my dreams.
In the dreams she presses the doorbell by the entrance.
I go to open the door for her...
...and she is standing there.
Then she speaks to me slowly.
What does she say to you?
It probably means "I'm home".