Alejandro & Diego - 017 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 17.02.2012

It can't be.
Girls, learn from Cassius. He beat everyone, you see?
You still have yet to lose calories.
Bro, that guy doesn't run. He flies. With him on the team no one would beat us this season.
I think he's out of this world.
So confident! I didn't even know the African-Latino talked.
Cassius, don't forget an old oak tree still gives good shade. I don't run with you because I just don't want to get you down.
I believe Cassius is one of the ones you have to punch to make them talk, and two to shut up.
How much did you give him? huh?
Just how we said, just one pill.
I gave you into the principal because you threatened me. And even though you were suspended. You didn't kill me.
Gonzalo, are you sure it was only one -I promise you, my friend.
I mean, It's got to be the first time he tries something like that so that's why it really got to him.
And if it really gets to him like it did to Rodrigo. -yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah........
Forgive me for the punches the other day. No, no, Diego.
Both of us made mistakes, but I acted like an animal.
Well, bro. You almost broke my nose! But you were right. I messed up and I shouldn't have betrayed you like I did.
It's over. I owe you one. -'kay.
If you want, put it on my tab. yeah? -Okay.... - Peace.
What's wrong with him? -Hey girls, am I crazy, or is Cassius very strange today?
Hey, hey, Cassius, are you feeling okay? With this song I have stuck in my head, I should win a Grammy.
My throat is dry! I'm going to the bending machines!
Hey! Hey! Hey Cassuis wait!