Os Barbixas - Improvável - Só Perguntas 3 (com Marianna Armellini e Marco Gonçalves)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 26.08.2009

"Questions Only"! Everybody stand up.
Elidio and Marco begin, step up.
They can only talk through questions.
If someone takes too long to ask a question, or do not ask a question at all,
I will ring the bell, he will get out and another player will step in.
OK? It's "Questions Only", and I'd like the folks from the right side...
I'd like for you to give me a good place for a first date.
That's it, you are in a game room, with billiards,
it's "Questions Only", go.
Could you give me the long stick?
Looking for a hole, baby?
You, you...
Could you teach me how to play?
Did you know I am a billiards master?
What do I do first?
Can you bend over the table?
Like this?
Do you know which one is the black ball?
Do you think I'm color blind?
How about you start the game?
What do I do?
Shoot... the...
Does he have a good aim?
Which one does he have to hit first?
Can't you see I'm the white ball?
Could it...
You also like some barbecue?
Do you know how to make a better beef?
Can you teach me?
Will someone complain about our barbecue in the game room?
Want some döner kebab?
Honey, could you get the well done part for me?
Which one?
That, the fat one.
Where were we?
Weren't you asking about the complains of the barbecue in the...
I don't like your hair.
Have you ever played strip-poker?
Haven't we begun yet?
Give it up for "Questions only", ladies and gentlemen!
Anderson always finishing too early, right? Damn.
What was that? Have you ever played, Marcão,
the part of a döner kebab? That's gotta be a first in your lifetime.
I practice a lot for that.
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.