21.12.12, die Untergang der Gehörlosen? / Downfall for deaf? (with CC subtitle)

Uploaded by Gustevarra on 16.09.2012

2012/12/21, Downfall for Deaf
Sorry, I'm deaf!
No problem, stay calm!
I know that you're deaf.
I am Jesus and can sign language!
Where is your home planet, Earth?
Earth is gone, yes!
Oh by atomic bomb?
Who built the atomic bomb?
The hearing people!
Yes, it was the hearing people who had built many!
The hearing people?
I have given 2000 years ago simple rule
and hearing people delude themselves otherwise!
The only think about money, power and many believe invented!
We are still suffering from the human hearing,
everywhere crisis, currency crisis, faith crisis
and nuclear power, arguing,
The deaf do not!
Why not save my world?
We are looking for Hot Topic!
Hey, you look at me!
Looking for title next issue
Yes, so we need new content over 2012!
Your idea?
Ah, old-mate!
I have better things.
Here you go!
Somewhere in the universe collide, the galaxy.
Great Comet flies away...
I have another suggestion.
Whether it is better suggestion?
Oh, I'm aware of!
Moon = tides, Nibiru = Flood!!!
Moon pulls water make flood and Nibiru does deluge!
Imagine if suddenly Nibiru stands before us?!
What would you do if Nibiru is?
What is it?
We ought to infirm the deaf?
Enough! We make statements now!
Throughout the build boats for Noah's ark. Bible claims to go down in 2000.
Tomorrow should by Mayan Calendar Last Day!
People are already empty, the hearing people have been informend?
I missed!
Boat missed?
All the hearing people are already on the boat.
But what about the deaf people?
Where are 10,000 Deaf Subscription reader?
I had overslept myself and drown in the flood, such as the 10,000 Deaf people?
Today, many Deaf people die.
You are responsible!
Ah, 10,000 readers to 30,000 more black readers.
You know more than 40,000 readers abandon your?
The come nobody here, but why do you get both?
Why do you believe me?
Hello you two, you're fired! Good luck, bye!
Ha, you're deaf?
Hehe, i just want to make hearing people afraid.
All the hearing people are in the garbage...
The only think money, power, pollution, want to throw bomb and primitives religious rules.
and gets away!
Your Deaf may still remain on earth!
Also remain the hearing people who help for Deaf or work!
You have the most beautiful planet in the universe of millions!
I can not see what the hearing people do to earth!
I'm curious, how do deaf in your next 2000 years!
If your not better then...!
Until next 2000 years, bye!