Garam Masala (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 2

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Haven't I told you to turn off the tap after bathing?
I always turn it off after you bathe! - You should do that
Because, I'm the boss here. - company gives me this accommodation
Thank me for that. They don't care about you anyway
Now stop chewing my brains, I got to leave
I'm leaving too. Where are you going? - To the temple. Coming?
No. I'm going to the zoo. Coming? - Not after watching you!
C'mon. Hurry up and get ready.
What are you doing here? - What are you doing here?
Maggie called me. - Maggie called me!
Easy, easy. I didn't call you guys, you guys called me here
I called Maggie here. - I too called her
damn you! - No fights. We'll have dinner together
All right, I'll foot the bill. - I'll foot the bill. It's my party
pay yours, I'll foot Maggie's bill. - Why don't we eat first?
Let's decide it later. - All right
Let me go!
God! Both of you, leave me
Get lost!
Are you blind? - Bloody idiot
Sorry. - Go and hit him
Let's go, darling
Your food, sir.
Maggie, I ordered this for you. Especially, for your eyes
Your eyes are perfect. Eat what I ordered for you
It's good for your heart and mind. - You need brains, you eat
I have brains. - So why don't you bring it?
Shut up! - Cool
don't fight. I'll eat both. Let's eat...
I'm very hungry. - Okay, darling
do it fast. Don't waste your time on one table
Eat this, good for you thighs... eyes
I said, I'll pay. - I'll pay
I pay! - Not fair. It's my party
I'll pay for myself and Maggie. - It's not tip, it's a bill
You carry on... eat my share too.
This dinner's on me. Nobody pays.
Forget it, Sam. Next time. Let him pay this time
If you say so. But I don't take favours
come on Sam, don't fight now. Cool down
Let me have something.
Where's my wallet?
Where are you looking?
Shut up, you...
come with me
The stupid is disturbing. Where was I...? People ogle at you...
I'm sorry, I broke your heart
I shouldn't be doing this. Foot the bill, please
There you are! Now you know that Maggie is with me
I should be paying the bill. - Yes.
Sorry. Good you didn't wear glasses. - Why?
Your lenses... great colour. Looks good on you
You like it? - Yes
Are you going to eat those cherries?
No. Do you want it? - I like cherries very much.
You mind it, don't you? - Mind what?
I know you're feeling bad. Here, pay the bill
Are you crazy? - Go ahead
You foot it. - Not fair
Forget it. Go dutch on it
I'll be back, I got to go to the loo. - Okay
Madam, bill. - They are paying
They left. They said, you will pay. - What...?
Greetings, sir. - Yes, son? Can I help you?
Perhaps you have no idea, I'm a great fan of yours
I want a photograph from you that has never been published or seen
And... the negative too. It's for my personal collection
I'm willing to pay any price, sir
I don't have photos right now...
...but I got some negatives that you can take
Fine? - Yes, sir
Your father fixed your wedding, with the consent of the two of you
But ever since you were engaged, I've only seen you brawling
Your fathers were childhood Friends, they were thick friends
They came here and together they joined the Indian Embassy
Give him water. They retired together and went back to India
don't fight and break their friendship
If you don't want to marry, decide it right now
I never said I don't want to marry
Okay, I'm sorry. I'll take you out for movies twice a week...
I'll take you out thrice for dinner, and...
your birthday is on the 27th. See, I remember, I didn't forget
On that day I'll be with you from morning to evening
And I'll only take your pictures. Okay?
If only you keep your promise! - The day you become a doctor...
I'll send the two of you to India and get your married. Now don't belch!
Maggie didn't come today
congratulations. - Congratulations
congratulations! - Congratulations
Shyam, the award you have won has made our company famous
what award? - International press photography award
didn't you see? All the newspapers are carrying your picture
You have been promoted too. - The company gets 10 million in reward
One million is for you. - Thank you, sir
And a free one-month trip to America
I want to give you something else. - What else?
Your pay is doubled right away. - And you listen...
give him the motorcycle key and the flat keys to him
And from now on, he is your boss. He's senior, you are junior. Dig that?
Shyam come, we got to talk. - Thank you, sir
Move it
what crap! How can he get an award?
Sir, you know that he's a bad shot, but you guys...
He holds a camera like he's holding a coconut
I know you guys well. The two of you hardly know photography
But he gets an award! - Sir, he's a fraud! A cheat
He steals photographs for competitions
I know where he stole those photographs from
But he's made our magazine Garam Masala famous
Sir, I will fight. I will not leave this
This war has to be... - Shut up!
Silence, idiot
This hunger has heated up your brains
Attend tonight's party and stuff yourself. It will cool your brains
But I will fight
Out you go!
I will fight.
He stole my heart on the sly
Lord, he took my heart away
He made me belong to him, showed me beautiful dreams...
...and took my heart away
On the sly...
...he stole my heart
On the sly... he stole my heart
My love, you are handsome
You fascinate me
You are mine
My love, you are handsome
You fascinate me
You are mine
You have set my heart racing
You have robbed me of my peace
At the very first sight, my heart writhed in agony
On the sly...
you stole my heart
On the sly...
you stole my heart