'Derivatives' Inception Movie Trailer Calculus Parody [HD]

Uploaded by compuhelp101 on 23.06.2012

There's something you should know about me.
I specialize in a very specifc type of math.
You're talking about derivatives.
Ms. Frankowski has a new topic she'd like to discuss with you.
Is it comprehensible?
Not exactly...
First we create the equation y=4x^3 + 2/x
We change each part into a derivative.
And then we add them.
And then it becomes, y'=12x^2 - 2/x^2
And then we take a test and fail it?
Well, it's not strictly failing if you get a 65.
Well, it's not strictly failing if you get a 65.
It's called differentiation.
I'm not ready for this.
I think I've found a way to pass math
and this final, it's the last way to get there.
The tests seem impossible while we're taking them
and it's only when we go over it in class
that we realize, the problem was actually
still impossible.
This is your responsibility, we are not prepared for this!
The function is differentiable.
I'd hate to see it not differentiable.
You musn't be afraid of AP Calc. darling.