Marc and Ringo (HQ, subs)

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I have ears.
So does he.
- Come here. - What do you think about it, Marc?
- I think that... - Is it wide enough?
I wonder if it's wide enough.
Lift your head up, we need the light.
- When I was a lad, way back... - Of 15 summers.
Things were different then. As they are now.
They were small but large. And my friends had lots of them.
- Many, yes. I had several myself. - I've seen them.
- All of them? - I love them.
I have great respect for yours.
Yours are... No, no. They're very nice.
A little on the smaller side.
But... that's bigger.
Bigger than both of us.
Could it be? Atlantis I've heard of, but yours is... Earthquakes? Never.
- Ships. - Ships and boats and planes.
- What can I say? - Trains.
Ah, we've had many hits.
- We didn't write that one. - No.
Bert baby did that one. Give him a plug.
- Good old Bert baby. - Bert...
No, no. Wasn't me, Bertie. He said that. I wouldn't say that.
He uses what?
- I feel the need to kneel. - Kneel.
Bringing it down now.
We're 20 fathoms below. The knee. The knee is horrendous.
What do you think of it all? Enjoy it?
I've seen it all.
- I've been it all! - I've played it all.
- And, man... - Far out.
For me to say... Could someone blow my hair? Some wind.
For me to say the truth of what I feel
is beyond the comprehension... of an eel.
Jellied, of course.
I'll leave you to it then!
There you go. Get that smile, get that smile.
My Elvis lip.
Bit more on the hair, bit more.
That's great! Great. Up again!
That's it. That's fantastic. Just a bit more.
- Hi, there, in radioland. - Pop-pickers!
Pop-pickers! Who was the death of the Beatle people?
I was big when it started. It got littler, then it grew.
I took the bones up to my penthouse flat. Both of them.
I went to...
O'er craggy hills and dirty dales. When will the sun shine on you?
- Aluminium face! - 1965!
Aluminium face? Stainless steel.
- Doesn't rust. - Pardon? Doesn't rhyme?
- Chrome doesn't rust. - Doesn't rust? Doesn't rust.
Doesn't rust, no way.
Well, I'd like to say it's certainly exciting in here...
In the dungeons.
We're having such a groovy time with Marc and the boys.
We're just really having a wonderful...
Oh, dear. Oh, dear.
- I lost you. Never mind. - Getting arty now.
Like that Walter Raleigh. "What do you do, Walt?"
"You roll it up and then you light it."
"You're putting me on!"
"Then you smoke it!"
"Don't tell me. You put it in your ear!"
- Do they have a car? - Yeah, I bought one.
It's great. It drove down from Leicester, so it does go.
- How much did you pay? - ?1 65.
If I sell it tomorrow, it's 50 quid to hire one.
- It's not as bulbous as we tried... - Well, I thought...
We'd drive up in it. You'd need to show...
Hello, Thomas. Is it Thomas?
He's so big these days!
Where's Keith? Keith.
Tom and Jerry. It's a groove that.
Rock'n'roll. Who's who in rock'n'roll? Tell me that.
Here we are. A few of your fave raves.
They're all rock'n'roll. Who have we got here?
There's Elv, Pat Boone,
Alan Freed, Fats Domino and Tommy Sands.
Where's Frankie Lyman?
Which is Frankie Lyman? I'll tell you. There he is!
- Who is that? Louie Prima! - I'll take your word for that.
The Platters.
- No. - He's prettier.
Not LaVern Baker. Someone like that. Ruth Brown.
Probably not Ruth Brown.
Great picture.
Do the hands. Like he plays...
- What's on the front? - "Two airliners missing."
He's a mean plunker on the piano, it says here.
Red Prysock. Great saxophonist.
Mind you, '48. It's before your time.