[ENG SUB] MBLAQ's Sesame Player ep 9 Part 2 (2/3)

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This time, after spinning 10 times and ringing the bell, come back and touch the chair!
Got it
After spinning ten times, he has to stand up by himself.
Smiling, he runs the opposite way!
Cheondoong-ah, where are you going?
Time passes... Here, here, hurry up!
Can I re-do it?
No, no, you can't!
Hurry Hurry
After ringing the bell, he starts to run!
How many seconds?
38 *laughter*
He took even twice the time!
Second contestant: I'll be number one, Lee Joon!
He rings the bell...
He falls again...
And it's over!!
He already did today's punishment
Today's punishment is "Get on your knees"
Lee Joon: 9.81 seconds
This are good news, but we don't know why he is sad!
Third contestant: Losing is for others, Seungho!
He stopped it at the first try?
He perfectly rings the bell!
6.60 seconds...
How can it be the same record as before?
Ah ready?
Fourth Contestant: I won't lose again, G.O!
Spinning 10 times: CUT!
With a loud screaming, he falls to the ground!
It's as if someone had pushed him!
His own accident (?)
The public can't stop laughing~
Even if it's embarrasing, he rings the bell!
10.6 seconds!
Yah... why isn't my body responding as I want?!
Automatically, he gets on his knees and praises(?)
One more time!
Get on your knees!
But there has to be drama in here!!
Just in case, they praise~
Joon, you too, hurry up!
Everyone so respectful!
Ah... really... AAH!~
Yang Leader enjoys this victory a lot
The winner of the park's games: Yang Seungho!!
Staff Phone: Little Blaqies~
Seungho, Joon and Cheondoong have found a strange toy(?)
Being curious, they start to make weird noises!
Interested~ Curious~
He can't go in! He can't go in!
He can't put his head in it!
Joon wants to listen to the nature's noises~
Cheondoong: I've heard it and it doesn't hurt~
Ah! Jjoonie Hyung~
They say it makes nature noises? I can only hear noises.
Will they abandon the nature noises just like that?!
Hairy G.O approaches the two little kids! (dongsaengs)
Hold on, I'm hearing them!
The mountain is mountain~ And water is water~
You can hear a melody~
For real?
Yeah, I'm not lying.
The fisherman Doong has managed to lie to G.O!
Baboda, baboda~
How embarrasing...
Staff Phone: Star members riding their horses
Joon and Doong are having fun riding the horses
The fun game of riding horses~
CD: What are you saying? Horse? This is a motorcycle! LJ: Run, horse, run!
And G.O's horse?
I'll simply run~
This is instint...
Staff Phone: The tragedy after playing with the ball
The members are having fun playing with the ball~
Exercise + Fun = This is good!
Since today... is MBLAQ addicted to the ball?
But... what has happened?
I didn't want to break it... Sorry.
There's no way for us to play "Catch Ball" now...
We'll wait for them to fix it to play "Catch Ball"
Words from MBLAQ that can only be known from the bathroom!
G.O is today's MC!
Today's 9th episode is all about family!
Who will be our first guest? Make him come in.
Who will be the first guest?
Come in fast!
Making noises for his big entrance~
The honest man, Yang Seungho's entrance!
Seungho's family is...?
My father, my mother, Seungho and my (male) dongsaeng.
When I was little, what was problematic to do?
I was raised by a good family and I always had to come home early...
And to break that rule, I studied a lot and got the option of going out or the option of being free...
In one phrase, it would be a slave(?) life
Your abilities of singing, dancing, etc. are related with their inheritance?
I think I've inherited a little of everything
My father is good with his hands, my mother is more on the sports side and singing.
So, your mother sings well?
My entire family sings better than I do
How was the atmosphere when you told them you wanted to be famous?
My mother was cooking, so I say: "Mom, can I go to "Anyangyego?" (University that precedes the 'famous' life*)
And she said yes, so I thought: "How could she say yes?"
But, instead of Anyangyego, she thought I had said "Anyangwego" (Sports University*)
It had some big sequels...
Because my grandfather's dream was to be famous, and because he had problems, he couldn't do it and had to work...
And when we went to the hospital, he adviced us to give him the testament(??) how he wanted.
And, since then, I started to go to Anyangyego and build the road that would lead me to my dream.
In every childhood picture you have a 'look' in your eyes and a weird pose with your hand.
The hand that is alive(?)
Since then he started to practice his 'idol pose'?
Who taught you those poses?
I don't know, when I saw the pictures, they were all like that.
That glare...
I was concetrated in the game, and just in that moment, they called me.
And the person who looks at me, pays with an ax.
It seems that he was also the leader in his district...
Who would be the member that you would like to take care as a son?
Is that so?
Everyone, unconsciously, take care of their families, and it is really difficult for me to show it (that feeling).
But you're a person that transmit things really well, and the thought of taking care of people.
Who would be the best daddy?
He would, most likely, play a lot with the kids, and if you ask him for something, he would surely give it to you. But... what isn't, isn't.
All the members would do it like that, but if the family goes to play... I think Mir would like it.
What is the weak characteristic of your parents?
When I didn't pay attention to them and went the opposite way, I always thought that it wasn't my fault
And, because of me, my parents had to apologize...
Right then, I hated myself. (Awh~)
To my parents that always worry about me, please don't
Because I'm doing something that really entertains me and fulfills me.
Annyeong! (...)
Who would the second guest be?
Today's topic is "family"
How was the relationship with your family?
Really good, we are a very happy family!
Oh...Okay... but it also meant how your relationship with your family. (?)
Not that, your "Ap...poh..." like this...
My Umma, my noona, my little sister, Cheondoong...
Who is more similar to you?
I think noona looks a lot like me
Dara and Cheondoong, the two brothers who look more similar in the 'idol' world
Excluding you, who is the one who has more power(?) ?
Of course my mother, she sings really good.
Seungho's mother can also sing well... and my mother also likes it.
Ah yeah...
so are we influenced by our mothers?
Of course
Looking at your photos... you look so cute, like a girl.
Yeah... It was a little cute.
You're wearing a pink hat, was this your style when you were a kid?
More than my style, it was my mom's... and there has been times when she made me wear my sister's clothes.
In the picture where you're holding a rabbit, you're older, right? school?
That was my first and last pet, and because I had to move to Korea, I had to give it to someone else.
And because he wasn't there, I didn't eat, because I missed him...and because he left this world. (aaaaaawh~)
Here is a really funny picture when your have a bottle of milk and a threatening knife
The knife is really noticeable...
It was a toy, and because I got bored... I started to play with it, and the milk was because I was hungry.
Looks like the army
And now too when we're on stage, I have my pose and I think I had that style since I was little...
Put two in there, please.
I gave you two presents
Ah thank you
Was it your noona's impact to be famous?
I can't say it isn't, because my sister liked PinkL, and since she started to get into that world, I began to grow up with the dream of being like Bi (Rain).
If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have known that. (Influenced by his noona)
Who would be the best father?
Mir or Seungho
Even though I think it would be a little dangerous...
Why do you think they would be good fathers?
Mir... if his son had a dream, he would do anything to fulfill it (to make it possible).
Since I already accomplished it... if that dream wasn't that dream (confusing), I think it would've been really difficult to complete.
If it wasn't that difficult(the dream), it would be even more difficult in appearance...
So, in that position, Mir would be ideal?
Any dream he (his son) would have, I think Mir would approve it.
Last guest, Joon has something in his hand!
What's that?
Last week's spray!
That made all the smell go away
You want to use it when I put bomb in there? You have a nice hairstyle today
Keep quiet
Put 10