Chor Machaye Shor

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That's a lie. I'm being framed.
I didn't try to rape her.
She was forcing herself on me.
And she tore her own dress? - Yes.
Point to be noted.
A lady tears her own dress. And he enters her home uninvited.
Not uninvited. Over telephone. Rekha asked me to come.
Ms. Rekha, did you call him?
Why are you silent?
Ms. Rekha, you are under oath.
Abetting a crime is a grave offence. Did you call him?
No - Rekha.
I thought food in jails was free. They make us work all day.
Move it, transvestite. - Who are you calling a transvestite?
You look like one. Move it.
I'll not walk, but will run.
Move it. In a few days, you'll come to your senses.
Come on.
Vijay Sharma. . engineer?
Forced entry and attempt to rape.
You seem to be a very respectable man.
It's a lie. I've been framed.
That's what they all say.
Mr. Sharma. You are a prisoner here.
The court has convicted you.
Even if you're innocent, we can do nothing.
Here, you are a prisoner. I'd rather we came across as gentlemen
Give the convict his uniform. Put him in cell number ten.
''I would've rejected the lover earlier itself. ''
''I would've rejected the lover earlier itself. ''
''I would've rejected the lover earlier itself. ''
''I would've rejected the lover earlier itself. ''
Even the government dole doesn't make you strong enough. .
. .to put in an effort? - Raju sir, well. .
I was never into these gross acts.
Have the locksmith do it to you.
I'll smash your head. It's an act that takes finesse.
To hell with you.
Trying to get smart with the Don?
What are you saying, sir? Is this possible?
I go numb thinking about cleaning. .
Lucky you. You get to practice even in jail.
How do I find myself locks?
Who's this new bird?
Tell him to come here and greet me.
Right away, sir.
Hello, prince.
The leg.
Kalua. . this is too much. .
What does the pigeon say? - It tattles.
Remove your foot.
May I. .
You won't?
Those feet are for paying obeisance. Pay your obeisance.
Come on, do it. - Hurry. A good deed brooks no delay.
He didn't fall? - Too bad.
Oh, God.
That's how you land a punch.
Your mother's mine. What a punch !
Shake hands?
God always creates someone better.
I don't like getting too familiar. - Very well.
No more then.
Shake hands.
That's the don.
Raju Ustad ( master) doesn't keep debts.
Score's settled.
Now, we're friends. Shake hands.
Nice to shake hands with a man. Name's Raju Ustad.
Like planners in the government, I draw up plans for jobs. .
. . no matter how tough. The kids carry it out.
At 35, I've spent 15 years in jails.
I've lived with several leaders.
Even after I'm through with my knife, my victim will never know.
Never been caught.
But this time around, I used a new knife.
Weak blade. Broke and stayed put in the fool. He survived.
I've spent two of my seven years here.
I was feeling lonesome in here.
So, these boys turned themselves in. Came over to give me company.
This is Kalua.
Pickpocket. But he has won me over.
We ought to be proud of him. In India, he's the best.
This is Falwa.
He does locks and safes like a mother slaps her baby, lovingly.
Not a lock in the world that won't open up for him.
Now about you. - There's nothing about me.
I'm not one of you.
My name is Vijay. I was an engineer.
Here? After so much education?
Luck brings me. - How?
Don't ask me that.
How about a cigarette or something? Everything can be arranged here.
Jail is home for us.
No, I don't want anything.
Leave me to myself.
Vijay. What happened?
Vijay. What happened?
The very sight of you nearly does it to me.
Shut up. I was so worried.
What about my 15-minute wait?
Will you keep standing?
Won't you ask me to sit? - Sit.
Oh. . Come in.
Here I come. Now. tell me, what's the agenda?
Shall we?
Can I ask you something? - Go on.
Do you really love me?
So oft-repeated-and-answered. I'm bored.
Tell me once again. - I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Come out.
You fool. - We are leaving.
What's all this? - It is all because of them.
What's going on here, Driver?
Hey, why did you stop here? - That's not my fault?
What's going on here, Driver?
''On a branch, the parrot says. . ''
''On a branch, the parrot says. . ''
''On a branch, the parrot says. . ''
''They are sitting far away, but still there is love. ''
''Tell me, isn't it true? Isn't it true?''
''On a branch, the parrot says. . ''
''On a branch, the parrot says. . ''
''I am your eyes, sleep. . you're the peace of my heart. ''
''Tell me, isn't it true? Isn't it true?''
''On a branch, the parrot says. . ''
''What has happened to me, my darling?''
''I cry sometimes. Sometimes I sing. ''
''When I see a creeper clinging to tree, I blush with shame. ''
''What is this craziness about?''
''When did this happen?''
''Understand everything, without me telling you. ''
''I don't have anything to say today. ''
''Tell me, isn't it true? Isn't it true? Isn't it?''
''On a branch, the parrot says. . ''
''Let the storm come, let the cyclone come or let the rains pour. ''
''Let us get engrossed in each other. ''
''Don't let the nights and days finish. ''
''Don't let the nights and days finish. ''
''The words of love are sweet. ''
''If the lips remain quiet, then the eyes will speak. ''
''Tell me, isn't it true? Isn't it true? Isn't it?''
''On a branch, the parrot says. . ''
''On a branch the starling. . ''
''They are sitting far away, but still there is love. ''
''Tell me, isn't it true? - Isn't it true?''
''Tell me, isn't it true? - Isn't it true?''
''Tell me, isn't it true? - Isn't it true?''
''Tell me, isn't it true? - Isn't it true?''
Will you get off? - Not like this. .
How else?
Lovers give each other something. - Something? What?
Has a nice name.
Parting gifts.
Yes, parting. .
Just get off. Or, I'll hit you.
The fire you ignite in me. .
. .of passion, you too shall burn in it.
Douse your lover's passion and you shall be blessed.
If you want blessings, talk to my daddy this evening.
This evening?
Oh, yes. The party, this evening. .
Daddy has especially invited you.
Have you spoken? - Yes.
Women must do what men cannot.
Yes. This is the age of women.
Go on.
What a look! - Stop talking nonsense. Why are you late?
Have you invited me to intimidate me?
Daddy has been waiting for you.
Let's go. - Not that way. This way.
What happened? - He isn't an angry old man, is he?
Not particularly, unless one is late. Then he blows his top.
Does he? - That's an understatement.
I've seen men getting bashed up here.
Legendary lovers have taken brickbats for. .
. .the sake of their lovers.
For my Rekha's sake, I can take a battering.
Come on, where is he?
Your daddy has made lots of money.
Doesn't pay Income Tax, does he? - Shut up.
Once we're married, I'll report him. I hear the reward is 10.
What if daddy hears? Get serious.
Okay. Okay, serious now.
Daddy, this is Vijay.
Hello. - Nice meeting you.
Meet my friend Mr. Jamnadas.
His only son is studying in London.
Sit, son. Why are you standing?
My dear, what will you do here? Let's do the talking.
Go look after the guests. - Okay, Daddy.
Ever since Rekha spoke about you. .
. .I've been eager to meet you.
I'm ashamed.
Rather than you having to summon me, I should've come to meet you myself.
But there was such work pressure. - Liar.
I've found out about you.
You're honest and capable.
I am happy about my daughter's choice.
I don't know how to thank you.
But before I concede, I have a few questions.
Questions? Ask me. - Come with me.
This is Rekha's room.
All her life, this room has been hers.
So, you inherited this house?
We have been rich for generations.
Do look at the opulence she lives in.
Her dresses. Each worth thousands.
That's her dresser.
Come with me.
Her shoes, her sandals. - Grand.
And why not? She is a millionaire's daughter.
She's been brought up like a princess till now.
I wish that she dies like a princess too.
Don't you make that wish. - Why?
The maharajahs ( emperors ) and Nawabs ( kings ) are bankrupt.
The government has done away with their titles and privileges.
The other day, I met a princess-turned-dancer.
And her poor brother was playing the violin, sitting in the back row.
God forbid that my Rekha ever becomes a princess.
The lion will rather starve than eat grass.
A millionaire's daughter once, a millionaire's daughter always.
What with the taxation policy. .
Nowadays, it's difficult for anyone to remain a millionaire.
Besides, we ought to co-operate with the government.
Take my advice. Donate all you have to the National Fund.
For Rekha and myself, my salary is enough.
Your salary?
How much do you draw? - 7 00.
That's the budget for feeding my dogs.
Why are you trying to intimidate me?
I'm not asking for a loan.
I'm asking for your daughter's hand in marriage.
First, you must be worthy of her. Make the money. Rise to the status.
Sir, the people who ill-talked about love are ruined today.
Even the palaces of the kings have turned into caves.
Someday, this mansion could well end up a stable.
You are crossing your limits. - You compel me to.
Times are changing.
The rich will no more be rich. The poor will no longer stay poor.
You'll have to move ahead with time.
The one who doesn't will vanish.
You may leave. You aren't marrying my daughter.
Because such is the tradition. .
. .and also out of respect for you, I came to seek your daughter's hand.
I told you I do not concede.
That makes no difference to us.
We are in love. And marry, we shall.
What did daddy say?
That this alliance cannot be made.
Cannot be made? You didn't say anything?
I did - What?
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
''They will be left. They will be left. ''
''The people with money will be left staring. ''
''They will be left. They will be left. ''
''The people with money will be left staring. ''
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
''If you're the bud, then I am the rose. ''
''I am the rose. ''
''If you touch me to your lips, then I am wine. ''
''Then I am wine. ''
''People say that I am bad. ''
''I am the answer to every question of yours. ''
''We are unquestionable. ''
''We will eat by working hard. . ''
''We will never eat from others, Father-in-law. ''
''We will take. We will take your golden fish. ''
We will take. ''
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
''I am with you, my heart is with you too. ''
''Darling, with you. . ''
''Whenever you want to, come with the wedding procession. ''
''Come quickly with the wedding procession. ''
''Come quickly with the wedding procession. ''
''I don't have any mansion nor car, darling. ''
''No car, darling. ''
''Your lover is broke, darling. ''
''Your lover, darling. ''
''I don't need any bungalow, mansion or car. ''
''I need the heart of my lover. ''
''I need my lover. ''
''Then come, my darling. ''
''We will set up a world of love, oh, my nightingale. ''
''We will take. We will take the nightingale of your garden. ''
''We will take it away. ''
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
''You are standing up, be gracious to us. ''
''Be gracious to us. ''
''At least, do something great. ''
''Do something great. ''
''The expense of your dowry will be saved. ''
''You have got the chance, so marry off your daughter. ''
''Marry off your daughter. ''
''Sometimes we will come to your house as pilgrimage. ''
''Father-in-law. ''
''We will take. We will take your daughter. ''
''We will take away. ''
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
''They will be left. They will be left. ''
''The people with money will be left staring. ''
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
''We will take. We will take. ''
''The brave will take the bride away. ''
Poor fellow. He looks betrayed.
Seems so. Lunchtime
Come on, let's go.
Sir. Sir. .
Mr Vijay, coming for lunch?
No, I'm not hungry.
If luck is against you, why take it out on lunch?
Be brave. Cry and you cry alone. Take on, and the world is with you.
Bide your time and take your revenge.
Only then will I be at peace.
That's like it. Come on.
Come on, have food.
Get lost.
How rude? - You come here.
Well-cooked? - Just try it out.
You idiot. Serve me properly.
Live long.
Shivdasani, my brother, this is a lovely place.
So airy, and they pay you for your work.
Money is such a beautiful thing.
If the jailer wants, I'm ready to work for 24 hours.
In the last three months, I've already sent Rs. 200 home to my wife.
She writes, she's happy to have the money.
Oh, God, preserve my profession.
What's the money-making racket? - A dam is being built.
And the government is offering a rehabilitation scheme for convicts.
They take convicts away for work.
It's an outing and it pays well.
Why don't you go too? - They won't ever let me out.
Half my life I've spent in jails. I should've been the first to be sent.
But they are unjust.
Even if we want to, they won't even give us a chance to change.
Sir. - But there's one way.
If you want to go, meet the jailer.
Recommend us too
He likes educated convicts. He takes their advice too.
I might make it.
2 1, 22, 23, 24, 25, 2 6, 2 7, 2 8, 2 9, 30. .
3 1, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. .
Vijay. There's someone to meet you.
Tell me, Mr. Vijay,
If educated men bless you, you will become a constable.
Tell me, Mr. Vijay.
Okay, if you insist. Come, Mr. Vijay.
Sir. . - He's going.
One, two, three. .
Vijay. .
You did what you had to. Why are you here now?
Listen to me. - I don't want to hear anything.
But remember. The day I get out. .
. .will also be the last day of your life.
With the financial support from a man like you. .
I'll surely win the elections.
Then the ministry will fall into my lap.
Once I'm a minister, you can imagine how you and I stand to gain.
Rest assured, Jamnadas. I'll help you all I can.
Rekha. Where have you been? - To meet Vijay.
That innocent man who you framed. .
Jamnadas, this has gone too far.
Call your son as soon as you can.
I want to see her married off. - Very well.
If you've been to the jail, you have surely met him.
Why weep over the photo now?
I'm still trying to wash your sins. - Rekha.
You forget how to address your father?
The way you choose to forget your daughter. For the sake of money.
No. I'm saving you from ruination.
You can never be happy with that small-time engineer.
Neither without him.
Stop being adamant, Rekha.
I'm not about to let you commit suicide.
How is he your equal?
You always strike a relationship with equals.
For you. . I've chosen Jamnadas' son.
And you will marry him.
If I marry, it's going to be to Vijay.
You can't force me to marry someone else.
You shall, should it even come to that.
Over my dead body.
Gone are the times. .
. .when men could force their daughters. .
. . into silence to marry just about anyone.
Your mansions, all your wealth, I do not seek.
All I want is Vijay.
Vijay. Vijay. I'm going to stamp him out.
All's well.
All's well.
All's well.
All's well.
All's well.
Who's marrying? Me or my father?
Lousy man. - Who's lousy?
Sorry, I should be saying ''father-in-law. ''
Look, if you call my father names. .
I'll call your father and your forefathers' names too.
Why not reason with your father?
Let him do what he's up to. You just be ready.
Come the time, I'll call you.
Then we'll be married.
Which leaves the rest gaping.
Wonderful. I feel like kissing you.
What did you say? - Sorry. Sorry.
Coward. Had I been the boy, I'd never say sorry.
I would've taken that for a yes-go-on.
Is that the case?
Everything is going to be all right.
Industrial factories are under terms.
And it is used to turn. .
Mr. Sharma, a call for you.
Thank you. Just a minute. - Sure.
Hello? Rekha?
Why are you crying? - Vijay?
Hello? Speak up, Rekha. I can't hear you.
I've left home. I'm with a friend.
Had a fight with daddy.
Come soon.
Before they can reach us, we'll go far away from here.
Don't go home. Daddy's men could be there. Come directly.
Right away. What's the address?
Roshni Mahal. Peddar Road
Your name? - Vijay.
Where's Rekha? - Inside. Go in.
Rekha, I'm here.
Who are you?
Where's Rekha? - As of now, it's me.
Forgive me, I'm in the wrong place.
No. Just imagine I'm Rekha.
What are you doing? - Help.
What are you doing? - Help.
You rogue.
Take this idiot away.
This is a conspiracy. I've done nothing.
All's well.
All's well.
All's well.
All's well.
''Like the bells of anklet, I have always been rung. ''
''Like the bells of anklet, I have always been rung. ''
''Sometimes in this leg, sometimes in the other leg. . ''
''I have always been tied. ''
''Like the bells of anklet, I have always been rung. ''
''Sometimes, I broke, sometimes I was broken. ''
''After that, I was repaired for a hundred times. ''
''Sometimes, I broke, sometimes I was broken. ''
''After that, I was repaired for a hundred times. ''
''I have always been remade after being broken like this. ''
''Like the bells of anklet, I have always been rung. ''
''I did what others said. ''
''My thoughts remained in my heart. ''
''I did what others said. ''
''My thoughts remained in my heart. ''
''Sometimes in temples, sometimes in functions. ''
''I have been put up for decoration. ''
''Like the bells of anklet, I have always been rung. ''
''Like the bells of anklet, I have always been rung. ''
''I have always been ringed. ''
Sir. . Move aside. Sir is here.
Move aside.
Tell me, pal. How are you?
How come you're here? - Thanks to brother Vijay.
Stop talking. Get in.
Yes. - We are going.
Come on, get in.
We are. . Why are you shouting?
Come on, hurry up. Come out, fast.
Excuse me, I slipped.
Get going from here.
When you slipped, my eyes gave me the slip too.
So. . - Half the take. .
What take?
Let's hear that constable say it. - Shut up.
Constable. - What is the matter? - Nothing.
He's asking what we're supposed to do.
To hell with you and your work.
I've lost my wallet.
Can I help you look for it?
Get lost. - Just helping.
Back to work.
You idiot.
After ages, I step out. Here I stand, before You.
What are you doing? Get to work. - Going.
It's bad luck for a locksmith who gets to break stone.
You've been cribbing all day. No one forced you to come here.
I didn't come here by my own, but sir brought me here.
I was fine, eating, sleeping back in the cell.
This is burning the fat.
And how much do you get? Two-fifty.
Plus half my take.
That was business.
That was hard work.
Stop it.
Escaping isn't going to be so easy.
What do you mean? - I'll give you an example.
What are you doing here?
Nothing. He's new here. I was telling him not to try an escape.
Nothing else. - Move it.
Stand sentry here.
How did the siren go off? - Some guys just touched the wire.
Aren't you working? No freebies here. Get to work.
You rogue. He's telling us to work.
As if he's working.
Kalua, keep an eye on him.
On the way back, you must give him a shave.
Ustad, tomorrow onwards, we aren't coming here. The cell is better.
How thoughtless of you.
Will you fellows get back to work?
Just stretching the back. - Move it.
Come on, move it. - Come on.
Constable. - Yes? - Where's the dam being constructed?
Across the hill.
Very far from here? - About a mile and a half.
Big river? - Yes.
Deep waters? - Why are you asking?
For the blind that cannot see, hearing is exciting.
Keep that for later. Back inside. - Cigarette?
No idle talk. Move it.
What are you doing, Brother Vijay? - Painting your father's grave.
You're always interfering. Fool.
He's planning, don't you see?
Once the plan is final, we're blessed. - Meaning?
What happened? - The goat. It's stuck. Cut the power.
Ustad, open.
Just take a look. - Bullets are flying.
You idiot, just take a look.
Sit straight.
Come on, hurry up. Push it.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Jump. - No.
Hurry up. Come on. - Fast.
No, I'll not. - Come on, now.
Spread out. We hide here.
They must be somewhere around.
One sentry here. Rest, come along.
Listen. .
Four men. . - In prison fatigues.
Went that way. - That way.
Get them.
What are you doing here? They've caught four thieves.
The inspector wants you there. - I swear on your mother.
Hurry up. - Fast.
Ustad. - Brother Vijay.
Ustad, this time, we've made it.
Not yet. - What do you mean?
By now, every police station has our photos.
There will be more. - Let's run.
In this dress, we're going nowhere.
Don't you worry about that.
Kalua. . - Yes, Ustad.
We've one principle. One for all, and all for one.
I didn't get that. - We're for each other.
Got it. - Pick a lock. Get us something to wear.
Right away. Picking a lock is more fun than breaking out of jail.
If you're late, we give you up for lost.
I can pick every lock in town in no time.
Idiot. Get going. - Okay.
Come on.
Hello. - Hello.
Lots of robberies nowadays. - Yes.
Beware of thieves. - Beware.
Be alert. - Be alert.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
You. .
Yes. I escaped
But why?
To settle the score. - Score?
You wretched woman. - Vijay.
I'm going to kill you.
You and your father framed me for rape.
Now, I'm raping you for real.
Vijay. Let go.
Vijay. Leave me.
Go away.
Has jail turned you into a beast?
What have you turned out to be?
All you think of is your own woe.
Have you ever given a thought to what I've been through?
When I went to see you, you wouldn't even talk.
And today, you come to rape me?
Is this your love, your faith in me?
Rekha? - If you still think I've been a faithless, cheat. .
Come on, rape me.
Go on. - Rekha.
Why do you look away? Go on, bring me to disgrace.
Today, I stand disgraced in my own eyes.
I was about to become a villain.
If you can, forgive me, Rekha.
Forgive me.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
Will you leave me?
Won't you make good your promise of a lifetime together?
Rekha, I'm a fugitive.
I don't know where I'm headed.
Leave me, you leave your shadow behind.
Vijay. .
I'm leaving with Vijay. For good.
Herein we part. Don't try looking for me.
Understood? - Yes, boss.
Come what may, I must win the elections.
Money will flow like water.
I have a millionaire backing me.
You don't rest on your laurels.
The roads, the water supply, the hospitals in Shantinagar. .
. . must be working perfectly.
My opponent gets not a single vote.
In that attire, the villagers will take you to be social workers.
On voting day, we need violence to stop the. .
. .opposition from polling votes.
Not to worry. I'll be there before voting day.
And I'll arrange for the goons.
It's time for the train. Go on.
Nothing to fear now.
Lady, would you like something?
I'd rather we moved.
Yes, we have to buy tickets.
I've some money.
Maybe you can use it.
How did you assume we haven't money?
From where you're coming, they give you character certificates, not cash.
Does she know who we are?
Nor do I want to know.
I just want to be with him.
And I appreciate his friends.
Thank you for saving his life.
Whoever you are, you're like my brothers.
How could Vijay have misunderstood you?
Don't embarrass me.
Here's the money. Buy five tickets.
Where to? - Someplace far away.
Far away? - Some small-time place.
Small-time? - Come.
I'll be back.
We'll never part again, shall we? - We shall.
After I die.
You get it? - Absolutely.
Do exactly as I said. Go. - Very well.
Go. - Okay.
Excuse me, I'm a bit night-blind.
Thank you. Started just now.
Two tickets to Belapur.
Four tickets to Shantinagar by the first train.
Here you are.
Two first class tickets. Private. Get it?
Coupe? - Yes.
And three third-class ones. - Where to?
Shantinagar. - Which train?
Railway train. - I didn't suggest a bullock cart.
Why don't you just give it to me?
There are two trains to Shantinagar.
One direct, one roundabout route.
Never been straight. Who wants a direct train?
Roundabout will do. We'll take a long trip.
Brother, take.
Come on, Kalua. - Come on.
Just don't think.
For my sake, you've left your world.
You've done your bit for love.
Now, it's my turn.
I don't want you to be humiliated.
Vijay. . - Rekha. .
Chief. . chief.
What happened? - The train turned.
What are you saying, Station master?
The landlord's social volunteers are coming by that train.
They're educated.
Not dumb like us to travel by a train that can crash.
They must be taking another train.
What a fool. How would they know?
You've travelled four miles.
Wait it out till the next train.
They might be in the other one. - Read what the telegram says.
Who knows whether they're alive? Let's go.
The other train is here.
Wait. The train's here.
No one to be seen.
There they are.
It was written four men would be there. Only two of them are there.
There. - Really?
Ustad. - Careful.
Something seems amiss.
Get back in. - Just come along, quietly.
Why are they headed this way? - No idea. Come on.
Pleasure meeting you. Garland them.
One garland short. - Hey. Who do I garland?
Why garlands? Why this respect?
Such humility.
Those who serve mankind do not chase fame.
The landlord has written all about you.
He has? - Yes.
But he told us nothing.
Brother Vijay, one minute. .
What's this racket?
Looks like a social service racket.
I hope we don't get trapped. - No, nothing of that sort.
Let's hope for the best. Come on.
What do you wish of us now? - You are our guests.
We are at your command.
We ought to go to our village. Come.
Headman, who are they?
Social workers from the city.
Keep them within limits.
Rupa rules this place.
Tell them. Rupa Singh rules.
Who were they? - Rupa Singh, the bandit.
He makes our lives hell. - By his blessed mother. .
We're social workers.
Why don't the police get them?
They know when the police will come. They vanish into the hills.
After the police are gone, the plaintiffs are found dead.
Shantinagar, the Haven of Peace.
But for miles and miles, there's unrest.
Visitors to the village always pay a visit to this temple.
Its ages old. Come in. Come in.
Come in.
Chief, is this gold or brass? - What?
This idol? - Gold.
How much is this worth?
Who knows? Its ages old.
It's priceless. Gods aren't for buying and selling.
Come in. Come in.
This is where you put up.
This mad girl will take care of you and your meals.
Don't you call me mad again.
My mistake. You're so wise.
Now, cook a meal for the guests.
All right, I'm going, may I?
Why are you fellows here?
Let them rest. Get going.
Chandramukhi is mad.
All grown up, but worldly-wise, she isn't.
You must be tired. Take rest. I shall leave now.
Goodbye. Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Beats me. Is this a dream?
How come we transpired instead of the social workers?
Goodness. - What happened?
Got it.
When I was buying tickets. .
. .the man ahead of me in the queue was like one of these leader-types.
He asked for tickets to Shantinagar. Me too. Tickets. . to Shantinagar
And then? - The poor men took the first train.
It crashed. Here we are in their place.
But what do we do here? - We have the place we needed to hide.
We'll spend a few days comfortably. - Comfort? Here?
Take my word. Let's get out of here. Wretched folks everywhere.
I must've fingered a score of pockets. And I find, not a dime.
If their pockets are empty, what might they have at home? - Yes.
We're out of business. Oh, no. We stay on, and eat what?
Not to worry. I have money.
Why should we take your money? We don't want alms.
All said, we have our dignity too.
We want to work for a living.
Have you ever worked for a living?
Absolutely. We risk our lives to work.
One side is the public and on the other is the police.
One miss and you're beaten up. - Ought to be ashamed. You're strong.
You're strong. Instead of hard work, it's thievery on your minds?
You ought to give it up. Become gentlemen.
Enough. We don't need lectures.
Tomorrow, tell the kids in school.
By your blessed mother.
You're going on and on. - Help me.
Speak. - I won't. Never.
You won't?
No - Granny. No, Granny.
No, Granny.
Animals. I hope you rot.
You rogue. You have to answer God one day.
Can't fight with men, will you torture a woman?
You coward.
Girl. - Don't scream like a donkey.
What did you say? - This woman is like your mother.
You don't do that to your mother.
She ought to be shot.
She refused to serve us food.
Is this your house? You came here to have food?
Then let it be yours. - Let go of me.
So what if I'm not served food? I will drink the wine from your eyes.
Let go of me.
She's innocent. Please let her go.
The ant tries to fly. Who are you to interfere?
Me? I'm a social worker.
And she's like your sister.
No. No. Thank you.
Brothers, we worship peace.
Why force us into a fight?
You animal. Stop barking.
You're using foul language
Peace won't do? Very well.
Take this. Take this.
Don't hit me.
Want some more? Here. Have this.
Hit him.
Hit him. - Ustad.
Send him. Send him here.
They live together? - Yes.
And they arrived only yesterday? - Yes, by the morning train.
I understood.
We're dead. - What happened, Ustad?
The policeman is walking right up with the villagers.
Run. - No, this is no time to run.
We'll face them.
They are the ones.
Where are the others? - Inside.
Look, loaded pistol.
In this area, even policemen have to come prepared.
And you made the bandits beat a retreat unarmed? As soon as. .
I came to know, I decided I must meet the braves.
Glad to have met.
You've done what the police never could.
You embarrass us.
This gun was snatched from the bandits.
I'll have it sent directly to the Inspector General.
He'll surely reward you.
We'll meet again
Glory to India. - Glory to India.
No one can harm us till you are here.
A police inspector is here to see you.
Police inspector?
I'm coming.
Greetings, Landlord. - Hello. How come you're here?
Someone might've recognised you.
And he wouldn't be alive to speak.
Don't be afraid. I won't expose you.
Why have you come here?
Some social workers have beaten up my men.
Beaten them up? But they weren't so gutsy.
What do you mean? - They are my men.
With elections drawing near, I sent them to woo the villagers.
And my men get beaten up? - That's just as well.
Gives me a nice reputation.
But I told you not to harass the villagers until. .
. .the elections are over.
Why did your men go there?
Mistake. That's why I've kept mum.
Otherwise, I would've massacred them.
Good. Stay put till the elections.
You received the loot I sent you? - It's sold.
But nowadays, the fence trade is a bit dangerous.
The government keeps raiding.
If you can, melt down the gold before you send it.
One more thing. It's real.
Irrespective, you get paid.
You trust me, don't you? - Rupa trusts his friends more than God.
You have my loyalty. If you are touched, I'll spill my blood.
Bravo. - I'm leaving.
What's the hurry? Have a dose.
Landlord. I'll make do.
But make sure that our guns receive their doses of ammunition.
Don't worry about it.
I'll bring all the merchandise along when I come for the elections.
But don't you enter my area until the elections are over.
''A string in the leg. Bells in the string. ''
''The ring of the bells says. ''
''You are mine, I am yours, my heart says so. ''
''You are mine, I am yours, my heart says so. ''
''A string in the leg. Bells in the string. ''
''The ring of the bells says. ''
''You are mine, I am yours, my heart says so. ''
''You are mine, I am yours, my heart says so. ''
''A string in the leg. ''
''You are a city girl. ''
''I know this fact. ''
''Wearing a skirt and a stole, you look like a village girl. ''
''It feels very sweet, when you say darling. ''
''A string in the leg. ''
''I will walk in your path. ''
''I will colour myself with your colour. ''
''Even in dreams, I will only touch your body. ''
''In my chest, there is heart, the heartbeat in the heart says. ''
''A string in the leg. '' - ''Bells in the string. ''
''The ring of the bells says. ''
''You are mine, I am yours, my heart says so. ''
''I am yours, you are mine, my heart says so. ''
''A string in the leg. ''
Now watch the fun
Kalua, come on.
Get on with the circus. - Just you sit tight.
My turn.
One, two, four.
''I've come to you leaving everything behind. ''
Ustad. .
What turns on the heat? The booze or that?
As of today, both.
Kalua. . - Ustad. Come here.
Bless your mothers. The two of you take such good care of me.
No Ustad, don't cry.
Kalua. . - Don't cry.
Get out. - No.
Please get that for me. I can't reach up.
This box.
Got it. Put me down.
Put me down. It's ticklish. - Later.
Why later? Put me down. - Right away.
Let go. It hurts.
Raju. Put her down.
Don't come here at night.
Back to your old self?
Shame on you.
Look at this child. Does he not need food, clothes?
If the hill is dug out, if the canal comes here. .
. .this land will yield gold.
Give us your money and your gold. .
. .and we'll fill your lives with happiness.
Rekha is right.
For the future of our children, we should donate everything.
What are you staring at? Go ahead. - First of all, I shall give.
Where's Raju?
You? How come you're here?
I've been looking for you, my heart. - Your heart? Me?
Your heart is inside you. And I'm astride a buffalo.
That's what I'd die for.
Lord Ram. God bless you. Death be to your enemies.
You don't want to see me dead? - I want to see no one dead.
Why should I like to see you dead? - Something special about me?
Tell me. - I like you.
Your mother is mine. What did you say?
My mother is yours? Am I your sister?
Not sister. Wife. And your mother will be my mother-in-law.
You'll marry me? - That's why I'm here.
Where's the priest? - Should be coming.
Where are the flowers? - Should be coming.
Where are the groom's people? - Should be coming.
Will you marry right away? - Yes, right away.
But how? - Let me show you.
Sit here.
What are you doing? I'm feeling ticklish.
Don't take that off.
Bring honour to the ones who do us honour.
You've gone too far.
Last night, I saw you were on the wrong track.
But I thought you might change.
What have you to say for yourself?
I am in love. You are overcome with desire.
I touched Rekha with love. Unlike you. . I didn't strip Rekha.
Her honour is more precious to me than my life.
It's her body you love. Not her.
Don't scream. I'm not your slave.
I'll do whatever I want. No one tells me what to do.
Today, I'm only saying it. - What will you do next?
I hope that time never comes.
We've collected a lot. All for the villagers.
Look, the villagers have given me everything they had.
Now, it's your duty to give them back.
As you say, Aunt. Bless us that we may. .
Raju, I have a shopping list for you.
No, you and I go shopping.
We'll inspect the material too. Come.
What say, Ustad?
The one you took for a sister snatches it away from your hands.
As if you have murder on your hands. .
Enough. Don't incite me anymore.
And we thought they took to us.
Oh, no. In their eyes, we're all the same.
Absolutely. - After what we did for them. .
Go ahead. - But. .
I told you, go on. The village is just up ahead.
What are you up to?
We're leaving - Why?
Rekha doesn't trust us. Why stay?
Shut up. I'm not talking to you.
Without my say-so, you won't take a single step.
No man can stop me. - Here I stand, right in front of you.
Come back. - No.
No going back for us. We're like water.
Then I know how to stop the river.
Not a step.
If you're man enough, rely on your arms.
Why use a pistol like a coward?
Ustad. - Kalua. Don't pick it up.
My mother reared me.
My mother reared me too. I'll leave no doubts.
I told you. You don't leave, not against my wishes.
So much proved.
If this isn't lesson enough, you can leave.
This village, Rekha and I. .
. .we don't need you anymore.
Go, sever all ties.
What happened? Where are they?
They left.
Where to?
They didn't like what you said.
But I never wished ill of them.
I love them like brothers.
I thought they'd reform. .
. .that they'd live an honest life.
One mistake of yours has ruined everything.
Booze. Bless your mothers. Where's the booze?
Stop screaming. I'll get you one.
Hey, get the poppadum. - He'll get thrashed now.
Idiot. You talk back?
Forgive him. He's a fool. I'll serve you.
Fast. Or I'll set this place on fire. - On the double.
Got bashed up? Took it lying? Ustad does have a heavy fist.
Open your eyes. Have a swig. Everything will be all right.
Get the poppadum.
Fast. - Fast.
Coming up.
We give him our friendship. And he makes enemies with us.
It's all Rekha's mischief.
I'll kill you if you talk foul.
No matter what she thinks of us, we have taken her for our sister.
That mad girl is a nice one.
How are you concerned?
No, I'm just praising her.
Shut up.
Are you mourning your dead?
Stop acting grumpy. Drink.
Give me a drink
Are you out of your mind? How dare you come here? Get out.
Let go. Who are you to stop me?
Let's talk outside. - I'm not going.
Look, Rekha, I'm your elder. If you misbehave like this. .
I'm going to slap you.
By what right? Who am I to you?
I'm your brother. If Raju has taken anyone for his sister, that's you.
You're lying. - Raju never lies.
If you cared, you wouldn't desert us.
Stop picking my brains. Come on.
You play big brother. Little do you know what brother's love is.
What brother won't give his sister her happiness?
I just wanted to be with him alone for a while.
What's so wrong with that?
All right, I'm coming back.
I haven't come to take you back.
You can go wherever you want.
If you cared, loved. .
. .you would never have come away.
If you want a brother to apologise to his sister. .
Here, I beg of you.
Had I found this love early on in life. .
. . maybe I would never have been a goon
Vijay, look who's here.
Raju Ustad's sister killed him in the bar.
Now, I'm a new man. Make me what you want to.
Today, you have given me my wish. I wish we had fought it out earlier.
Further ahead. . move it.
I said right. Where are you going? - To my right.
Take the right. Go. - But I'm headed right.
Shut up. Stop arguing all the time. - Get lost.
Shut up. - You shut up.
Get back to your work. - You do your work.
You don't rule over me. - Ustad.
He's shouting at me. - No, he is. .
Get back to your work.
He's not letting me work.
Hello, Uncle.
Hello. Is everyone getting his share of water?
Yes. - Waste not a drop.
Getting water is tough.
Okay, I shall leave now.
Pick up such a huge pot and you'll sprain your waist.
Am I feeble?
If you can carry two, can't I carry even one?
Shut up.
Are you hurt? - No.
She's as fragile as a flower. And you make her carry such weight?
I told her not to. - Not her fault. Mine.
But what do I do with this dress?
My house is nearby. Come and change.
Come on, Sister.
Welcome. Welcome, Mr. Amritlal.
Meet Mr. Vijay. He's an engineer.
The landlord has sent him to help us.
Hello. Nice meeting.
Thanks. What's going on here?
Mr. Vijay is having a canal dug to put an end to the water crisis.
He's cutting across the hill to bring us water from the lake.
This won't end before the elections? - I don't understand.
Every leader who wants our votes promises. .
. .to make an Eden of this village right after every election.
But once they have won, no one remembers this village.
What if you forget to dig the rest of the canal after winning?
We aren't one of them. We deliver what we promise.
We'll quench the thirst of the lands.
You might convince these rustics.
But I trust the deed done.
And many a slip between the cup and the lip.
The water is here. Do you know that?
Come on.
No. no. Give.
Look at me.
You carry on.
Do just as I said. At the count of three, start.
One, two, three. .
Not like this.
Hit on his belly.
Not like that. Hit me now.
Wait. Hold it upright.
Yes, come on.
Not a slap. A punch.
If the enemy is far away, hold the knife by its edge and strike.
Hey, let go.
Let go of my hand. I told you several times. .
Not like this.
You fool. Not this way.
Bravo. Your reward.
Bahadur. Open your eyes. It's over.
Very good. - Good.
Isn't it nice? - Yes. It is.
4000 years old.
Wonderful. - Yes.
But this is not real.
It is fake.
The real one is this tall.
All gold. Such big jewels. Diamonds.
You see. Very nice. Beautiful.
You like it?
You like it? You want it? - How much?
2. 5 million.
Like it? - Yes?
Advance? - How much?
500,000 - 500,000? - Yes.
Thank you.
Deal is done. - Done.
When will I get it?
After election. - What?
I mean to say after one month.
30 days. - 30 days?
You come here and take it.
Okay. - Okay.
Boss. - What's it?
Letter from Shantinagar. - Shantinagar.
''Respected Landlord. . ''
''The social workers sent by you have changed the entire village. ''
''The hospital is working. ''
''The school is again full of kids. ''
''The canal is ready. The day is not far when they will cut. . ''
''. .through the mountains to quench the thirst of. .
. .the fields of Shantinagar. ''
Every child in Shantinagar is blessing you and them.
They aren't human. They are God's own angels.
You. . here. . How did you come here?
Why did you come here? Why have you left the village?
We never even went there. - What?
Our train met with an accident, and we ended up in the hospital.
Then police arrested us. .
On suspicion of being fugitives.
Then who are they? - Who, boss?
No one. Go away now.
Fool. Get lost.
Raju. Ready.
Brother Vijay is ready.
''Order a skirt for me from Agra, darling. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''Order a skirt for me from Agra, darling. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''Order a skirt for me from Agra, darling. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''Darling, there should be the picture of the Taj on the skirt. ''
''Darling, there should be the picture of the Taj on the skirt. ''
''In the sides, the water of the river Jamuna should flow. ''
''There should be a boat on the river Jamuna. ''
''There should be a boat on the river Jamuna. ''
''And a boatman like you. ''
''Get me one, darling, I will go to see the fair. ''
''Order a skirt for me from Agra, darling. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''Champa and Chameli are going. ''
''How can I be left behind?''
''Champa and Chameli are going. ''
''How can I be left behind?''
''I will eat sweet deserts on the road. ''
''I will see the fair. I will see the fair. ''
''I will see the fair. The world will see my skirt. ''
''Get me one, darling, I will go to see the fair. ''
''Order a skirt for me from Agra, darling. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''Order a skirt for me from Agra, darling. ''
''I will go to see the fair. ''
''Call for the peg. ''
Brother Vijay, police.
Let's go back.
So, you are the social worker I sent?
So, you are the landlord?
Yes. I am.
And I've seen you somewhere.
No. Oh, yes. At the railway station.
Bombay Central?
I need two minutes with the two of you.
Why two? Use ten. Come.
Bless his mother. The sweet-talker must be crooked deep down inside.
He's a crow.
Does your daddy know you're here?
No. - What if he comes to know?
You won't get a single vote. - Wonderful.
Doesn't make a difference to us.
I'll tell the villagers all about him.
Not votes, he's going to get brickbats.
Don't you forget that at a signal from me, Vijay can be arrested.
He's a fugitive.
No. I have no enmity with you.
She's naive. Don't fall for what she says.
Vijay, are you saying that?
Think. Try to understand.
If we help Mr. Jamnadas, he will help us too.
Good, good. - Please forget the past.
Let's not dig it up.
Rekha, Mr. Jamnadas is elder to you.
You have misbehaved with him. Say sorry.
Rekha, it's no disgrace to apologise to elders.
Say sorry. - No.
I've forgiven Rekha already.
After all, she's like a daughter to me. - And never mind that hug.
Now, let's talk business.
I can help you carry the ballot.
You're as good as the winner. The mobs are cheering you.
But you will have to agree to certain conditions.
From you, any condition.
Not condition. Request.
What little I could do for the village, I've done.
But certain things need money. - Go on, as much as you want.
Victory to Landlord. Victory to Jamnadas.
Not Amrit, not even God can defeat you at the elections.
Amrit? Who's Amrit? - Just another conman.
He's campaigning hard, going from house to house, offering money.
How to stop him?
Yes, I do have an idea.
You're paying, aren't you? - Of course.
To win their hearts, you will undertake a marathon walk.
You will meet each and every villager to convince them. .
. .that you're one of them.
Whatever you say.
Now, go and take rest. I'll see you tomorrow.
Listen, it's uncomfortable here. Come to my house.
No. Let's stay here.
The villagers mustn't think we've deserted them.
Once the elections are over, its home, home all the way.
You're smart. I'll give it to you.
Bye. See you tomorrow.
Okay, I shall leave now.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Who was he? - The man who sent him to jail.
What? Get me a knife. I'll kill him right now.
Coming up, Ustad. - No. Raju Ustad is dead.
Raju will rise from the dead to avenge his brother.
No, you will do nothing.
Vijay, what has come over you?
Will you help this rogue win?
I'll never let that happen.
I'm going to tell the villagers. - Tell them what?
That Jamnadas sent me to jail, and we're all fugitives?
No point getting emotional. We can't hurt him now.
Wait for the opportunity.
I'll hit him where it hurts most.
Was that all a charade? - Yes.
Or do you take me for a fool?
That cur won't get a single vote.
But the villagers will benefit.
Their poor souls will bless us.
Wonderful. What an idea !
He's going to be as dead as a dodo.
May I use shoes?
You don't understand.
The villagers are mostly bare-footed. No shoes.
They'll be glad to see you barefoot.
Well then.
What happened?
The path to social service is filled with thorns.
Never mind. Forge ahead.
Yes, go ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen. Meet Mr. Jamnadas.
Move aside. - He'll arrange for water here.
Come on. - He'll ease all your problems.
Mr. Jamnadas, your constituents. - Hello, Brothers.
Hello, Brothers. Who's that?
That. . - Yours I am. Yours I shall be.
Brothers and sisters, no one else can do even a fourth. .
of what Mr. Jamnadas is doing for you.
Witness his feet, dirty, bloodied. .
When a thorn entered his feet, he said. .
''God, all the thorns of Shantinagar. . ''
''. .give to me. For my brothers, roses. ''
This is great. - Just wait for more.
Did you hear what Mr. Jamnadas spoke into my ears?
Give me that bag.
This bag contains 50,000. His money.
He's donating it for your benefit.
This goes to the village headman's fund.
Now, it's your duty not to let Amritlal get a single vote.
He won't get.
Vijay, I suspect Kaluram.
Yes. He was telling the other party that he has lost his bullock.
Give him bullock and bag a whole chunk of votes.
To hell with the competition.
Kaluram, Mr. Jamnadas will give you two bullocks.
2,000. Give him the money.
Say ''Victory to Mr. Jamnadas. '' - Victory to Mr Jamnadas
Thank you very much. - Whom do you vote for now?
Mr. Jamnadas is like a parent to me. - Well said.
That's the game. Come on.
Go on. You're getting all the votes.
Come on, sir.
Go greet the women.
And conversationally pick up a child.
Mothers love it when their children are cuddled.
Come on, leave.
Hello, dear sisters.
Hello. What a lovely child !
Is everything fine?
What do we say about our condition now?
Why? - She has lost her buffalo.
How will she feed her child?
I'll give you a hundred or so.
What use is a hundred?
A buffalo costs a thousand, yes? - Right.
Will it be enough?
What happened? - Peed.
All the poor thing has been having is water.
What will he pass but water?
Yes. .
The baby. - Yes, the baby. Here you are,
Let's go. - The money?
Give it to her.
Here. Have this.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Careful, sir.
I'm stinking. Let's go home.
No. They might mind it if you mind their kids peeing.
You aren't stinking.
I'm not stinking. - Not at all.
Come on.
Not to be apprehensive.
This sense of patriotism, this sacrifice will not go in vain.
Victory to Mr. Jamnadas. - Louder.
Victory to Mr. Jamnadas.
Victory to Mr. Jamnadas.
Victory to Mr. Jamnadas. - Come on.
That walk was killing. Playing leader is a bad thing.
You aren't becoming a leader or anything.
You want to win to make money.
That's what I am after.
After the elections, I got to finish off Vijay and friends.
Then Rekha marries my son.
What about my share?
25 of the dowry.
We're your slaves.
We'll take whatever you give as a gift from God. Right?
Correct. - That'll be enough.
You remember the details, right?
Down to the last detail.
Ranjit Singh, leave us. - As you wish.
Jamnadas. . bandits. . at his house?
Is that so?
Get up.
Who salutes me? - Greetings, sir.
Come out. Fast.
He's troubling me. - Come out fast, sir.
I have a gift for you. - Gift?
Ranjit. The bandit. Haul him in.
Come on. - This one has made us miserable. Move it.
Come on. - Walk straight.
Okay. Bye.
Let's meet again.
Jagdish speaking.
This is urgent. Please come soon.
Look at that.
And look at that. Amritlal is swatting flies.
Not even flies over there. We ought to have a celebration.
This celebration, seven generations in Shantinagar will remember.
Fool. - Idiot.
Fool. - Before you, he's nothing.
He. He.
He'll teach him a very good lesson.
This time, the snake is going to kill the mongoose.
How come? - Amritlal is losing.
My snake is killing Amritlal's mongoose.
The villagers must be on their way here with the good news.
Tonight, during the celebrations, the priest won't be in the temple.
Then you steal the idol. - What a plot!
And tonight, Vijay and company will be put to sleep forever.
They're coming.
Amritlal's effigy.
They're celebrating.
Didn't I tell you?
My snake has killed Amritlal's mongoose.
They're coming to garland me. I'll be right back.
Stay put. - Yes.
Victory to Amritlal. Down with Jamnadas.
Who's Jamnadas? - Thief. Thief.
Who's Jamnadas? - Thief. Thief.
Bless your mother. Here's your reward.
Take this. - One more.
One more.
One more.
No, don't take the law in your hands.
He ought to be disgraced in public.
Shave his head. - Paint his face black.
No. Let's move on.
Victory to Amritlal.
I'm going to tear those idiots to pieces.
No celebrations. There will be mourning.
Take your men, surround the idiots.
Bring me the five of them.
I'm going to avenge my disgrace. I'll hack everyone to pieces.
Fine. What if the villagers obstruct?
Kill those idiots.
Set the village on fire. Destroy Shantinagar.
We, the poor of Shantinagar, have been vindicated.
That day is not far away. .
. .when all of India will vote men like Mr. Amritlal to the parliament.
Get ready.
The man with the money sends bandits to cower us down.
But brothers and sisters, they do not know. .
. .that our heads cannot be bowed.
Rebellion is in our hearts.
Let's see how strong our tormentors are.
Anyone who moves will be gunned down.
Rupa Singh spares no one.
My enmity isn't with you. It's them.
They beat up my men.
Give up these five to me.
The soul leaves only after death.
As long as I am alive, no one can rend us apart.
Every child in Shantinagar. .
. .will protect them even at the cost of their lives.
You will be massacred.
After I've killed you.
They won't give in, will they? Shoot. - Stop.
We're willing to give ourselves up.
No. This can never be.
I won't massacre 500 for five lives.
What I have built with my blood and toil. .
. .I can't bear to see destroyed.
I'm willing to turn myself up. But before that. .
. . let the children and the womenfolk take shelter in the houses.
They may. Not she.
Chandramukhi, take them away.
Move it.
Rekha, what happened?
What's the matter? Tie her up.
Kalua, hold this.
Hey. .
You idiot.
Come on, you.
Take this. Take this.
Take this.
How the hell did you come out? Bandit. .
Ustad. .
The cup of your sins brims over.
Everyone knows about you.
Get him.
Raju, be careful.
Break open the door. Get the girl.
Take the lousy woman.
Come on.
Help me.
Get up, you.
I'll kill you. You idiot.
Hang them heads down. - No.
You wanted to disgrace me? - You aren't even worthy of that.
Jamnadas. - Rupa Singh.
You will rape Rekha in public.
No. Before that, shoot me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Hey, not here, but here.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. A good reception for the bandit.
Bless your mother. You were about to rape my sister.
You aren't only a traitor to your country.
You've sinned before God.
Handcuff him. Take him away. - Vijay.
Rekha, my sister.
Your brother has avenged you. Look, Rupa Singh's blood.
Rupa the bandit? Is he dead?
He touched my sister.
I killed him.
The reward for killing Rupa is 50,000.
I'll make sure you get the reward.
Driver, stop the car.
Take them away.
These are the ones.
Yes, we're the fugitives. Arrest us
D.I. G. D.I. G.
Not handcuffs. For them, garlands.
They aren't fugitives.
They are angels sent to us. Do not take them away.
I'll do what I can, for them.
But the law says that I must take them.
Do not lose hope.
I shall recommend them.
Rekha, my dear. . - Daddy, please save him.
Tell them he's innocent.
I have already deposed in court. Vijay will be released soon.
The rest will be let off soon too.
Vijay, my son, forgive me if you can.
Elders never apologise.
Chief, now you know who we are. Forgive us if you can.
Don't say that, son. We await your return.
Come on.
Bless my mother.
Wait for me.
Have you ever wept for anyone?
Not till today. And I never will.
Come, dear.
''On one branch, the parrot says. . ''
''On one branch, the starling. . ''
''They are sitting far away, but still there's love. ''
''Tell me, isn't it true? - Isn't it true?''
''Tell me, isn't it true? - Isn't it true?''