Hamas TV Before the Bombs Fell

Uploaded by vice on 23.11.2012


SUROOSH ALVI: Well, Al Aqsa is basically Hamas television.
Who owns the channel?
Is it independently owned?
BAHAAUDDIN AL GHOUL: We belong to the Palestinian
rights, we say so.
Just like the Israeli TVs belong to Israel, and Al Aqsa
TV belongs to Palestine.
It's the first Palestinian channel to produce resistance.
The Palestinians have always said we want our land.
People have the right to defend himself and to use
resistance against the occupation force.
If you could give us a well-targeted weapon that
could only kill the soldiers of the Israeli, the
Palestinians wouldn't use such ruckus.

SUROOSH ALVI: The last time I came, in 2007, I met with an
organization called Palestinian Media Watch.
They're Israeli, and they sit and they just watch everything
that you're making here.
And they study it, and they analyze it, and then they go
to make presentations to the US Congress.
And they say look how radical the people in Gaza are.
They're making Mickey Mouse with AK-47s.
BAHAAUDDIN AL GHOUL: They also say to their people that
killing a Palestinian is good.
So there's a different way to see.
If you look to the same video on an Israeli channel, they
tell their people that killing Palestinians is a good thing.
SUROOSH ALVI: Can you tell me about some of the risks that
are involved with working as a reporter for Al Aqsa?
BAHAAUDDIN AL GHOUL: Our office, which is now renewed,
has been targeted with an F-16 bomb--
totally demolished.
Two of our cameramen's been killed.
who was murdered by an Israeli rocket.
Two of our correspondents have lost some of their body.
Our cameraman has lost his two legs, and he shoot and shoot
until he lost his legs.
Made his legs cut, two legs.
So this is an occupation.
And the Palestinians who resist are
called freedom fighters.
They would like to get their homeland freed.
If Isreal wants to stop, they can stop.

FEMALE SPEAKER: The first building was attacked at
approximately 1:30 AM, it was a media building.
This media building had an infrastructure of Hamas
electronics communications on the roof.