Zimbabwe Rape Survivor 2

Uploaded by AIDSFreeWorld on 08.12.2009

I'm a member of MDC.
I support MDC.
My mom, she was a secretary,
Women's Secretary for MDC.
My mom call for MDC meeting.
They were on their way.
They meet soldiers.
And then they stopped them.
And then they beat them.
They beat them. They were two men.
They beat them.
And then she was injured.
She told me that it's soldiers who beat her.
She was even crying that it's soldiers, ZANU-PF,
because she kept saying it's ZANU-PF who beat her
because soldiers belongs to ZANU-PF.
We do everything for my mom.
I was not even working.
It was hard for me to do those things
until she passed away in Harare Hospital.
For me to bury my mom,
it was hard for me because my mom's parents,
they rejected my mom because she supported MDC.
Even my mom's sisters, they support ZANU-PF.
The problem started when the elections in March...
The elections in March.
And then after we vote,
and then they started to beat...
The ZANU-PF started to beat the MDC.
And then that's when we started to have
little problems with that
because my husband was being tortured and...
...and harassed.
ZANU-PF, they killed...
They have been killing people that time.
They have been killing,
cutting the lens of the men, eyes,
tortured them.
So, up to now,
there's no any report about them.
They just came,
and then they started beating me
because they beat me first.
They said, "You people,
you want to sell our country to whites.
You want to..."
They were just talking too much that we want to sell.
We are selfish.
They were talking too many.
That's what they were talking.
And then I was raped.
They left me at home, and then I was raped.
Why they raped me?
Because we support MDC,
because we need a change in Zimbabwe.
We are tired of suffering.
We are suffering in Zimbabwe.
We are tired.
All I want is for them to be arrested,
and then they must face the charges.
But all that we want is justice.
Because even to go to the police or what,
they can't do anything because they can't arrest them
because they are the same, you know.
But they can't be arrested.
Even if you go to report them, the ZANU-PF,
you can't report them because they are the bosses
or they have the wards in Zimbabwe.
If nothing is happening about this issue...
As long as nothing had happened,
it can be... It can...
They can repeat again those things.
We are even scared.
We are not ourselves.
We are living in fear in Zimbabwe.
**Captions by Project readOn**