Electrical Maintenance and Installation Technology at Honolulu Community College

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Hi, my name is Kelcie Yomen
I graduated from Kauai High School in 2006
and my program of study is
Electrical Installation and Maiintenance Technology.
I chose to come to Honolulu Community College because
it's convenient, it's close to where I live,
it's a lot more affordable than attending a larger university,
and I like the fact that the classes are smaller
as opposed to a large university so
the student-teacher interaction is a lot more enjoyable
than that of a university.
In the first semester we do a lot of
residential wiring so you learn to
pretty much wire up the whole house from
the service panel to every light fixture and receptacle
and the second and third semesters we did
motors, we learned how to hook motors up
single-phase, three-phase, how to troubleshoot them,
and how to run them using what is called PLC's
Programamble Logic Computers that's controlling
large moving parts from a computer-like program.
And then this last semesterright now we're doing
commercial and light industrial which is a lot of
pipe bending and we're going to be doing transformers.
Some of the best things about the EIMT program are that
One, safety is always stressed
there is never a time where you're not going to be safe in this program.
Another thing is that theory,
as far as book work is just as important as laabs are,
and another thing would be that
everything is done according to industry standards
so all of your work, the work you perform
if you were out on the job in real life
you would do the same type of work, the same quality of work
and they hold you up to those high standards.
My one piece of advice for someone looking to enter this program is
be ready to work hard,
In this program it's a lot of hard work in the two years you're here so
What you put in you're going to get out of it
as long as you're willing to work hard.
HCC has everything that you need
to provide you with entry-level knowledge into your trade,
counselors are here every step of the way to help you
so sign up at HCC