Uploaded by jordigoca on 30.10.2012

Only wind can annoy me when I exercise
I didn't mind if it was raining or freezing I came every day
Beginnings were quite hard
I was ashamed to come to Las Ramblas with a ball
But at that time I was not a showman
My obsession was the Guinness
These world records I have
Recover my wife, make her to believe in me
Demonstrate she was wrong with me
She told me I was nothing worth
And I wanted to be unique in something
In my life I made a lot of mistakes not only in the football
In family and labour matters too
I'm convinced that mistakes in youth must be paid when you are old
Now I'm the Maradona of Las Ramblas because I have spoilt my life
I think I had enough quality to play in the top Spanish league
In my life I have done what I wanted to do but not what I should
That's the problem
Without sacrifice and self-confidence you won't success
Not only in the football or studies. In everything
Without sacrifice dreams run away
With sacrifice, at the end, you will be rewarded
I told myself, a ball that has a record must have a name
You can't just call it ball. So I called this ball like my wife, Maria
Its name now is Maria. I still have her although is very old
When I was arrested in Las Ramblas they confiscated her and I felt bad
I don't mind about a ball but they took from me Maria
I spent many nights crying because of that
After some time I recovered her
When my wife left me and I was living in a flat alone
Alone you feel very lonely
I was preparing these records
And when I went to sleep feeling very lonely
I slept with Maria
I retire
I'm almost 65 years old and I leave Las Ramblas
I already have done my job
It doesn't mean that I give up the football. I'll still train children
But for sure I leave Las Ramblas and public shows
I'm tired and disappointed with the local Government
Last years I come to Las Ramblas but I feel sad
When I began it was different
I could choose a good place. Laws or regulations didn't exist
Since 4 years it's very complicated
They tell you what to do and where to stay
It's a mess. It's sad
I leave disappointed
Everywhere I was treated with love and respect
In Spain as well as in Europe
Even I think I was paid to much for my shows
But here, at home, I was treated as a criminal
I'm fed up
Many people says: I'm a part of Las Ramblas
When I'll stop coming here, they will miss me
But, in fact, I'll miss it all even more
These shows in Las Ramblas have given my life sense