Follow Up To: Can You Know Or See God?

Uploaded by DattatreyaSivaBaba on 29.05.2007

Some time ago I did a video on Can You Know or See God? There have been several emails
on that. I just want to address this question. Now we are living in the scientific and technological
world where everything has to be understood through only logic. So that has led to understanding
God only in the rationalistic terms or what the rationality could understand. So within
the rational purview, it’s not possible to accommodate spirits or beings that are
not visible to the naked eye. So it’s ok if you talk about God as a higher self or
a higher intelligence or something within you that is transcendent but as soon as you
bring in some other being or a spirit, people are not comfortable. Just because people are
not willing to accept it, it does not mean they don’t exist. They do exist, there are
a hierarchical set of beings, and they are evolving Gods. They are out there to help
the human beings. Even Buddhism which does not believe in God per se believes in the
concept of Bodhisattva, beings who are out there to help people, they have committed
themselves to helping others. So they are light beings who hang out everywhere and I
have videos done on Soul Genetics. In which even the souls of your ancestors are still
out there and then you have to feed them just as you feed yourselves and that’s very important.
To tell you the truth, I have been able to help more people through Ancestor rituals
than through meditation; very serious problems have been solved just by feeding the ancestors
who come to this earth plane all the time particularly during the new moon time and
God appears to Moses, the monotheistic God as light. So Light has often been considered
in many traditions as the form of God. There are beings from different planets. They are
all involved in so many works that they are doing in different galaxies and also in the
earth plane, some are good and some are bad. You may want to read books by Barbara Marciniak;
she has a book called Bringers of the Dawn and the family of light, where she channels
spirits from other dimensions.