Broken Toy: episode 4

Uploaded by ForewarnedFilms on 13.02.2011

[TV] Frankenstein!
[TV] Frankenstein!
Are you going to put on a shirt?
This is a shirt.
You look like Grandpa Tommy.
Wolverine wears these!
You’re not Wolverine.
I could be Wolverine.
Come watch the movie, baby.
[echo] Daddy!
You’re not real.
Ha ha ha ha…Duh.
I thought you’d be taller.
You thought I’d…? Next time try getting a big-screen TV, jackass.
Arrgghhh. Fire bad!
I need to get over that. I really need to get over that.
Yeah, that's good.
Go in the water covered in blood! Make sure you splash around a lot!
Look at this. Where are the heroes?
Nowhere, that's where.
Nowadays we got newspaper writing about girls who forgot to wear their underpants.
The heroes are gone…Dead.
Yeah. It sucks.
I’m talking about you, Quinn.
This country...this world was built on the backs of heroes.
Courage. Bravery. Sacrifice. That's in the hearts of real men.
I see it here. I see it in you, Quinn.
Stop. The doctors already told me--
Doctors? RAWR!
Doctors want you to feel bad about yourself so they can “fix” you.
They want to cut you up and fill you with goo.
That’s how they make their money.
And they say I’m the bad guy?
They're not calling you a bad guy.
They're calling you a monster. Like Jason, Freddie or Michael Meyers.
Those guys aren’t even monsters.
No, they’re just confused. They’re just big bullies.
They’re big and strong, they could fight crime if they wanted to.
But what do they do?
They chop up big boobed sexy people. Why?
Because they can. And because they themselves are terrified.
You need something to cover up that scar.
Like maybe a shawl? Something you could wear at night too.
Ohhhhh oh oh that's nice.
It's a girl shirt.
It's unisex, you could wear that anywhere nowadays.
Oh oh oh! Chocolate bar!
Are you getting hungry? Because you're getting crabby.
You have to show the doctors, Quinn.
Show them who the monsters REALLY are.
Wait! Do you hear that?
That's DESTINY on the phone, boy.
He's calling and he's got DUTY on conference.
They're saying the world needs you.
Are you serious?
The voices are calling…so what are you going to do?
Take some pills?
Take some pills?! No! You're going back.
Oh no way!
You have to.
No, Im not listening you you anymore.
Well, guess what? I'm in your head. So you have to.
I'm sorry sir, I do not speak french.
Whoa. You're going back.
Let me ask you a question...
Why did your Daddy pay for those Karate lessons when you were little?
I don't know… he was too lazy to beat me himself.
No! Because he knew what you are!
An orange belt!
No, listen to me. Listen!
In every man's life, he needs to make a choice
between being the man the world sees...
or being the man he knows he is inside.
Quinn, I never got my chance. I never got a chance to prove I was a hero.
But this is your moment. You’ve got to do this.
[Projector noises] [Laughing]
You’re starting to forget her.
[Projector] I miss you
You’ve got to go back.
For her.
It won’t help. I tried. It tried.
I know what they did to you. I know you’re scared.
I’m not scared.
You’re scared you won’t stop.
Go back. Face them. And she’ll come running.
My boy. So let me hear it. What are you going to do?
I'm going to go back!
And what are you going to do there?
I’m tear off their heads, use them as hand puppets and pretend I’m Voltron!
Exactly! Show them what a real hero is!
Kill every last one of them!
Remind them what they did to you wasn’t “science”,
it was an invitation to make their organs dance on the floor.
It’s the only way they will respect you.
Won’t they be dead?
You mean after you kill them? Of course not.
Makes sense.
You bet your ass it does! GO GET THEM!