Rendez vous en terre inconnue Bruno Solo chez les cavaliers Mongoles 8/8 (with English subtitles)

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-His chest is very muscular
-I thank my father a lot
-I am glad
-For the son to get a stallion from his father is an honour, it's a proof I have a father.
and he has a son. We all have a father, don't we?
-I've inherited this stallion and now thanks to him, I'm gonna grow my horse herd
A stallion is very respected by Mongolian nomads. It's a beautiful gift he made me.
We return to the camp for the unforgettable evening, the last with Batbayar and his friends
we have only some hours left here
-Batbayar, we are we going?
-Stay quiet. Go ahead and you'll see
-You hear the noises in the woods? It's like Blairwitch project
the racket in the trees, the sounds of kids laughing
-where are we?
-Voila, we're at the most beuatiful and the highest peak of the mountain in this region
-It's majectic, one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life
-We are here to see the sun rising
If you climb the top of the mountain before the sunrise
I think the first ray of sun will give us luck, the pride and power of spirit, the strength for the whole year
It hasn't risen up yet, but we're up before it
I wanted to bring my kids here because it's like this that one becomes a man
It's gonna be a beautiful moment
for all of us
-So, how're you feeling, my child? it's beautiful, isn't it?
-Where is the sun?
-look there towards the valley
-It's good to be proud, isn't it, my son? Look.
It's so beautiful
-The sun is rising, so we thank it for giving us life
go on, my son
I don't know if you feel the same as me
but if you do you'll have an idea of what is Mongolian pride
at the moment like this I tell myself we live on the same planet
beyond the languages and religions, we're all just human beings on this earth
-Batbayar, we've spent two weeks with you and we're leaving in about 2 hours
What do you want to say before we leave?
-I want to tell that now you know my values: love the people, respect the nature
if you manage to enjoy this, it's a rare satisfaction, that's all
-and you, Fred?
-Well, I told Bruno at the airplane that you were exceptional, because they had told me so but I didn't know how exceptional
-I think we were lucky to meet you
to have this adventure
every year that's gonna pass I'll remind myself how much richer we leave from here than when we arrived
I'm very proud to have met you, your kids also, and all your family
and this country that made me dream
and I never imagined that I'd come here like this
not just visit, that I'd live it like this
and I'm keeping to myself this thing
that fits very well my philosophy
it's a saying you told me once: "Even if the God ask you, don't give him this land"
this pride is without limit in the words like this
these people who took us in with such warmth, with so many smiles, with all the jokes, the tricks
it's so much what I like in people
It's an imperishable memory
-can I kiss you, Batbayar?
-thank you, Fred
We leave behind Mongolia in the process of change
in the face of the nation that is looking for the future and the new identity
Batbayar seems almost alone in continuing to keep vibrating the spirit of the steppes with such a passion
faced with a difficult life and thanks to the extraordinary personality he had a strength not to succumb to his destiny
but how much longer his younger brother wil resist to the city and its temptations?
what will become his kids in 10 years?
The answer worries us and leaving him we secretly hope
that nothing except the wind will ever replace the nomads on the back of Mongolian horse
-Batbayar president!
-I forgot to tell him that I didn't like airag