Wegmans Roasted Lobster Tails

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 29.10.2010

Every year we get a lot of requests
for the best way to cook lobster at home.
And today I'm gonna show you
just how simple it can be.
We're gonna do some roasted lobster tails.
What I have here: some West Australian
Cold Water lobster tails... that are individually
wrapped like this, they come frozen,
you can buy 'em right in our seafood
department frozen. You can buy as
many as you want at your convenience
and then just thaw them before you're ready
to cook them. I've let these
thaw overnight, actually 24 hours
in the refrigerator, I think that
allows the meat to just thaw at
a very natural rate and I think we get a better
ingredient that way. So I'm just gonna
unwrap these. And what--there's a couple
of things I like about these. Ah, what I like
about 'em-- the cold water I think
makes the flesh a little firmer
and a little sweeter. But I also like the fact
that we've taken the time to go ahead and split
the top for you. 'Cause we're gonna cut
these straight down. Ah, Australian lobsters
don't have the same type of claws that
a North American or a Maine lobster
are gonna have. So what you're
gonna find is you get a lot more meat
in the tail, and that's what we're
going for here. So I just want to
unwrap these. Set 'em on my board.
And the knife that I'm gonna use today,
I'm use a very large French knife,
but the best knife for you is the knife
that you're more comfortable using.
But we need to cut through the shell
so you want to make sure that it's a sturdy enough knife.
And I'm simply just gonna take the tip
of my knife right where the cut was, press down,
and then will the heel of my hand,
make sure I get all the way through the shell.
And then I'm gonna turn it
and do the same thing on the other side.
And when you hear that crack,
that sort of satisfying crunch, you know that you've
done the right thing. And we'll split it
right in half and I'm just gonna
set it on my cookie sheet and I'll show
you again. Tip of the knife goes in,
straight down, push with the heel
of your hand... turn it around,
and do the same thing... on the other side.
They almost just look like gigantic shrimp,
but you can see what I was talking about
about the size of the tail.
Just a lot of meat in these tails.
I'm gonna season them very simply.
The first thing I'm gonna do,
I have some basting oil that I'm just gonna go ahead
and brush all over the flesh.
I want to make sure it's completely covered.
Obviously it's gonna provide good flavor,
but it's also gonna give us some protection
'cause we're going into a very hot oven.
So brush it all over the top.
And then I just have some salt and pepper.
Same thing though, I want to make sure
that I'm seasoned very evenly
up and down the lobster.
Do the same thing with the pepper.
Now, I have a 450 degree oven,
and I'm gonna go in...
that's gonna take about 10 or 12 minutes.
And what that allows it to do,
the lobster's gonna cook very, very evenly,
but also because it's such a hot oven,
it's gonna start to crisp up around the outside,
you're gonna see the tails are gonna
curl a little bit so we'll have crispy
on the outside and the flesh
is gonna be very, very soft,
and very, very tender.
So after about 10 minutes...
out of the oven and this is exactly
what I was talking to you about.
You can see we've got the nice browning
around the edges, the herbs
from the basting oil have baked right in
but we want to make sure
that we've got the right temperature,
so I've got my instant read thermometer.
And I'm gonna go right into the center.
Again, always take your temperature
in the thickest part of whatever you're temping.
And I'm looking for 145 degrees.
And we're right where we need to be so that's perfect.
Okay. So at this point,
you can do two things. You can go ahead...
and you can serve them as they are,
just with some drawn butter on the side,
whatever you like to serve with lobster is fine.
Or you can let them cool to room temperature
and then just throw 'em in your refrigerator
and then when they're cold you can take the meat,
it'll come right out of the tail.
Chop it up, make a lobster salad for lobster rolls,
you really have a lot of options with this.
And you can do it at home
for a fraction of what it's gonna cost you
to have it out in a restaurant.
As you can see, it couldn't be quicker.
I'm just gonna set 'em right on a platter for display,
holiday time you set this down on a table
in front of your family and friends
you're gonna be a hero.
Just that simple. Roasted lobster tails.
Try it at home, happy holidays.