[ENG] 110615 SJM Kyuhyun Eunhyuk teaching (Hot times) Part 2 w KyuMin Ending @ Yahoo Music

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Very impressive.
Ok, now we shall start on the Chorus part.
When i looked at you. All my life time. Having only you is enough.
i will translate it for you all.
The meaning for this is. The moment i saw you, i knew you are my eveything. Shall we listen to it?
Hot times. The moment i looked at you. All my life time.
Having only you is enough for me. The next part.
Even if you moved me or gives me test. You can't deny the fact that you are my only love.
The meaning of the previous line is. You caused me to fall in love with you.
I think i should not continue to explain.
Because i have already sang once, now i shall have my student to sing for you all. Please sing the chorus part.
By today i must sing this? i think by tommorow also can? Sing this within 2 minutes!
The "gave" word (in korean) We shall jump to the next part.
Now we shall start the chorus part!
I’m tired of reality, even if it bumps into me, even if I try to fight against it, the world of this guy isn’t easy at all.
This part, there's an important point! "manmanhaji ana" (not simple) must show the groove
Because i am a man, I have to suppress everything, have to bear everything I don’t wanna be there. I’m lonely and sometimes scared without knowing the reason.
Please sing untill here. Student is going to sing.
I am going to teach the next part.
Evil magnae bullying his hyung again ^^
I am going to teach the next part.
I’ve changed after meeting you, I’m not afraid or hurt anymore.
Every day I live in expectation. Because it’s you, everything is ok to me.
The most important part is "gwenchana" ohhhhh.
This part. Hyuk: What? The student will sing once.
I believe that those who are watching this video, they will sing very well.
Lastly, i will continue from the Chorus part.
Hot Times When I kiss your lips, my heart turns into ash. Even when I spend the night up, I’m still in a thirst.
"ajik mogi mallaso", thirsty. the meaning. Erhem, please give me some water.
Hyuk: Are you really thirsty? Hyuk: wow you are really thirsty. (Kyu's wife came ^^)