Zaid Hamid Warning to Indians and AmericansNATO (With subtitles)

Uploaded by waseemyousuf72 on 16.03.2012

We are not Iraq. We are not Afghanistan.
We are an Islamic Army. Nuclear Armed!
You will regret the day, you were born.
The day you decide to put your feet on ground.
Today you are hurting us. Yes.
But you are hurting us because of traitors within our ranks,
because of traitors in our government & media & establishment.
But that does not mean We Pakistani patriots,
People who live and die for Islam, their ideology are going to take it lying down.
We are not.
We have the will, potential and the capapbility to do with you what we did to the Soviets.
We are warning you now. Lay off. Back off.
Dont threaten Pakistan. Dont weave a web of deception around us.
Entire access of Global Zionist media,
Politics and diplomacy has now been launched against Pakistan.
But we are here. Ready to live and die
for our ideology and identity, for our Faith, for our land.
You can push us to a limit. Fear the day when we decide to respond.
Next few months we know. you would be creating a global environment to wage a physical war on us.
We know we will take many heads. we have taken many heads.
But that has strengthen our resolve to stand up, keep our flag high. Fight for our dignity.
Your unjust, unjust war on the Muslim lands has waken up sleeping, slumbering Muslim Nations.
And now wrath of God awaits you in Pakistan, if you ever decide to put your feet on ground.
As far as traitors are concerned, who are collaborating with you today. There days are numbered too.
It is only a matter of time.
We are sending you a last message.
Specially to the Indians as well.
Do not try to ride on the American shoulders.
Do not exploit the Western hatred for Islam for your own objective.
By God we will cut you down to the size of Srilanka.
We have ruled over you for thousand years. And we will rule for another thousand.
If today, you feel that you have nexus built with western powers, to encircle, isolate and destroy Pakistan.
You live in a hilaious, you live in a world of fools.
By God We Muslims, we only come on our own when we are threatened.
You have created a combined threat against us.
And never forget the history.
For thousands of years, Muslims from the west have been charging and capturing Delhi.
By God we will see you once again in Delhi very soon.
You will start the war. We are telling this to Americans as well.
You will start the war. But then you will have no control over it.
We will finish it for you. That is our last warning to you.
If you have any sense so heed. Else you have been advised.
Pakistan Zindabad!