Mercer - Actuarial Consultant

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We help our clients solve problems and clients really respect the Mercer name.
I’m Lisa Keller, I’m a Health and Benefits Actuary at Mercer.
OK, we can just move into the conference room so we can spread out and talk about our planning meeting.
OK, sounds good.
There are several different areas within consulting; health and benefits, retirement have a lot of actuaries.
I support a variety of large and mid-sized clients.
They’re in all sorts of different industries.
So as an actuary I get involved in a lot of different types of projects.
Mercer has given me a lot of opportunities to do things that aren’t traditional actuarial.
When we go out next week I think we want to point out where the recessions were.
We work with our clients in various ways.
We go visit the client in their offices, they might come to our offices.
But then we also do phone conferences.
On an annual basis we will do projections of their healthcare costs, medical, dental, vision.
We do a lot of Excel work, a lot of graphs.
When an employer has retiree medical benefits for their employees there are certain laws and regulations
that the employer has to comply with, so the retirement folks are the leader in that area.
Whatever issue that comes up, we come up with creative ways to help them solve that.
Mercer has a wide variety of people who are well respected as experts in their field.
You hear lots of things about Mercer surveys and Mercer experts say this.
The people really challenge you and give you a lot of opportunities and
it’s the people that really make the difference.