How to change background Photoshop Cs6 | Magic Wand| Quick Selection | layers Part-2 HD+3D

Uploaded by badqual on 31.10.2012

on the last video I showed you how to cut the background with magic wand tool
if haven't watched go and watch the part 1
and how i'm going to do that again very a quickly uh... narrower
out there that weekend to plays and in each behind his
behind to face assault with intent to use uh...
uh... group in the picture that want to
cutback ram located that sounds so
gonna open
and go yet
so now i have it here a moment
to double-click open it
and then
that opened so that you don't click on clear itself
uh... g
you do including this one if it's cooked
you see that look
developed acute teaches personal commitment
would you do is you grow up to a magic wand to
which issue here
scrap it
what it does is i forgot to mention westend
that it's a mixture
the more uncover
uh... if there's one killer
and uh... it's kind of selective so and so here we have uh...
once almost brings everything
so they just selective
scores you can always uh... make that tolerance
cincinnati touristy
and uh...
sort celebrity everywhere
and once everything is selected
conditions you have to give smooth so you go to
where uh...
uh... reaches no actually select modified
animus most
that gives us more than anything uh... smoot ages
it's well cell
clam bakes or control dixon windows
and all you can go to edgerton just cottage by now teacher in the senate
and then when i did was earlier that i mean and you know where to put for the
so if you can
just create a new layer
right here
that creates a new layer she loved him and that uh... he connected but it's not
important or not
so i'll just leave it as it is
and what you can do is
if you want to fill the background in that later
you process you hit uh... controls space
orlando's indo-american at school and still is
and then you have there
the color of the background checks here
so you can always
change it if you weren't
discovered that still uh...
the director and coordinates the
solomon who's character does fido underneath said i want to know you have
a very slow lived
what if you want to place uh...
uh... another image behind several so easy he just grew to
picture image so i have it here
i'm going to put two set
if it's not skilled enough you can always just dried it like this you know
just to fit the background
it's the scale
we do
did you have just enter
and then start
if you want to remove this image of real anywhere you can do it all this post
negated where you want it
you can always turn out to a year menu
and if you see that like this and then you will see it uh...
with us on the back
to print
picture you can't latest
and you don't want as much as images you want solution one too
do need to swine and you want to attend a colorful to school and you can just
double-click and this when you get the latest iowa
and from here you can change of course
you can go to greg and if you wanna it's you know you can't have it uh...
or or
pictures it's here
uh... something like that
it's one
that looks like nafis there
bogus two suspects which would
but this is a transparent so it seems to me and and indeed that you have already
which is below
uh... the swine newsline
i relate this means that you can look back
and you can always
near changes a
so you clicked and then you can always change the
if you want to changed uh...
the color of something uh... split
you can't have a great entry
but he hasn't it
face with this one so
if you can lower the price of tea
with a very difficult
that's how we changed the background than inconclusive
premise behind the program where you have to do is to play with these lyrics
so simple as that into there and that means unit
and too soon
that's gone because uh...
the smears about solorio snows
how to work with dislocations wheezing
uh... could put this one and didnt worms
but this one
because it was
was not visible
so that's where you can see
so it but that doesn't mean fitzco
so you can put millennium images uh... behind the spectrum
street easy to change it
so if you do learn something from this tutorial via piece of the scranton
i mean a lot of subscriber works because um... beginners uh... will really help
me too
if you leave comment on the channel
use of the scrap what might be due things like that
is going to really talk to
if you're willing to support
so i hope you learn something from this uh... part two
and uh...
when will make more tutorials of
sandanista rule will be a on how to
i didn't know how to use only different to in photoshop c_s_x_ so
and uh...