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COURTNEY GALIANO: We've got an inside look to Madonna's MDNA
World Tour.
Is Bieber trying to channel Justin Timberlake?
And Rhianna takes the Saturday Night Live stage.
This is Just Dance, May 11, 2012.
I'm Courtney Galiano, and I am so excited to be back hosting
Just Dance.
Now last week, Robert Roldan hosted an episode, and he said
that he hosted the best episode ever.
ROBERT ROLDAN: All right you guys, that's it.
You just watched the best episode of Just Dance.
You just watched the best episode of Just Dance.
The best episode of Just Dance.
COURTNEY GALIANO: Well, Robert, let me show
you how it's done.
After about 20,000 teasers and clips and promos, Bieber
finally released his video, "Boyfriend" on YouTube.
Now, I wonder if it's a good thing that the girl the video
looks exactly like Selena Gomez.
Let's see if our girl, Ariel, still has Bieber fever after
ARIEL: Now, finally seeing the entire video, I have two
initial thoughts.
One, did he know he was acting a bit like Michael Jackson
during the silhouette scene in the first 15
seconds of the video?
And two, did he know the rest of his entire video looked
exactly like 'N Sync's "Girlfriend" video from 2002?
Come on, 'N Sync fans, you know what I'm talking about.
Same scenario-- guys and girls hanging out together in a
parking lot, flirting, chatting it up, hanging out in
their cars, sitting on top of cars.
And oh my god, I can't believe it.
Even the girl with the fro is there.
Look at her.
There she is.
Oh my god, it's the same girl.
COURTNEY GALIANO: Eli Manning hosted SNL last weekend.
And let's just say he should stick to his day job.
But hey, I'm a New Yorker.
Go Giants.
In one sketch, Eli had to create a victory dance for a
video game.
And since Tebowing has already been done, he created the most
logical alternative, the sandwich eating dance.
Jay Pharoah gives us his version of Victor Cruz's
celebration salsa.
But I have say my favorite was Kenan Thompson as Ray Lewis.
I haven't seen anything that spastic since Elaine's little
kicks on Seinfeld.
And if you haven't seen it, it's a classic.
Rhianna was a musical guest on Saturday Night Live and
performed a medley of "Birthday Cake" and "Talk That
Talk" and returned with "Where Have You Been" for her final
musical performance.
This was all complete with Hi-Hat's
choreography from the video.
Usher is the musical guest on tomorrow's Saturday Night
Live, and Will Ferrell will be hosting.
I have a feeling this is going to be another dance-packed
edition of SNL.
Madonna's MDNA World Tour is just weeks away, and the
internet is buzzing with concert details.
Several different stage set-ups have been leaked.
Now, the latest one shows a huge pit for her fans and an
even huger triple screen.
Is huger even a word?
The MDNA kicks off in Tel Aviv on May 31.
Check the description box below to see if Madonna is
coming to a city near you.
If the nonstop rumors of Britney Spears joining the X
Factor US weren't enough, there is now word that Katy
Perry will be joining X Factor UK.
In theory, Katy Perry will be taking the place of Kelly
Rowland, but I'm not sure how she's going to fit this into
her busy schedule.
What's more is that Demi Lovato is actually in talks to
join Britney Spears on the judges' panel in
the X Factor US.
Let us now if you think Demi and Katie will get bitten by
the X-Factor bug.
The Voice crowned their Season Two winner Tuesday night, and
the finale was packed with huge performances from Justin
Bieber to Hall and Oates.
Now, if that wasn't broad enough, we also had Flo Rida
and Lady Antebellum.
I guess they're really committed to making it fun for
the whole family.
Justin Bieber performed his new song, "Boyfriend" for the
first time, and we want to know what you think of new,
grown-up sound.
Let us know below.
This week was the long-awaited prom episode on Glee.
Now, their prom theme was dinosaurs, which kind of makes
my Hollywood Nights prom theme when I was in high school seem
kind of lame.
If you missed Glee's "Prom-asaurus" episode, Mia's
Glee-cap will fill you in.
Usually when people send me video links, it ends up being
two minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
But this wasn't the case when my friend sent me the new
Foster the People video.
It's called "Houdini," and the video has a really original
and slightly twisted concept.
But I personally thought it was brilliant.
We caught up with Leslie Guyton, the choreographer of
"Houdini," and she told us how she worked her magic.
LESLIE GUYTON: I was given 16 counts, which is nothing, to
make up the Foster the People dance.
They were actually really fast at picking it up, and they
were really enthusiastic.
And I really admired that they didn't want me to just make it
easy, that they wanted to try something hard for them.
And I think you can see in the video, they look pretty good
during the dances for non-dancers.
COURTNEY GALIANO: The season one finale of Smash is this
Monday, you guys.
And I honestly do not know how they're going to wrap up all
the story lines in one episode.
There is so much happening.
Click here to see Luan Legacy's recap for all the
Smash drama this week.
ABDC's Return of the Superstars rolls on, and there
have been some show-stopping performances this season.
This week was J Lo week, and we had the privilege of
snagging some interviews with the crews to see how they
tackled this challenge.
ELEKTROLYTES: We were dancing to "Get Right"
by J Lo this week.
We're still bringing those awesome tricks.
We're bringing some choreography.
We're dancing with canes this week, so our challenge is to
dance with the canes and also create a subway.
So you're going to see something a little different.
It's more theatrical dancing today.
COURTNEY GALIANO: A lot of people were really sad to see
Jaleel White go home on Dancing with the Stars last
week, and I personally thought Urkel was going to be with us
to the Top Four.
But it just goes to show you how hard this season of
Dancing with the Stars really is.
Check out my recap to see who was sent home in this week's
double elimination in case you missed it.
Episode six of Dance Showdown premiered, and if you're a
sucker for bloopers and outtakes like I am, this was
the best episode yet.
-Oh, I feel it.
-OK, this is awkward.
-Oh, gosh.
---we'll go--
-I totally just farted.
-Final time for the pre-show.
Here we go.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
-We need to get dance belts if we're going to continue this,
-It is weird right now.
COURTNEY GALIANO: Well, my mother taught me that if you
have nothing nice to say, then you shouldn't
say anything at all.
So I won't be saying anything about Dance Moms Miami.
I'm going to leave that to Todrick to give you this
week's FYI recap.
Click here to see what you missed.
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