Elias - PART 29 (English subtitles)

Uploaded by Monpensiers88 on 03.07.2012

Is this like the only movie theater in Helsinki?
We would have walked the other way but my gaydar wasn't working.
Let's go.
Don't go. You guys promised to get along.
Fine, but just this once.
Only because it's you asking.
You're gonna sit here.
Do we have to sit right here?
Just sit down.
You'd better come up with a good reason to leave with your girlfriend.
Maybe I just stay here.
Someone may have to explain to you what is happening in the movie. It's in English and everything.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry. It was an accident.
Shut up, both of you.
You were acting like a little kids!
I can't go anywhere with you.
I didn't invite you to come with us.
I thought you're my friend.
And that you two could behave.
I'm sorry about the popcorns. Can I buy you new ones?
You can give me 100€, it would cover the shirt you ruined too.
Didn't we already got over that?
No, not until that monkey leaves me alone.
Stop the whining already.
Besides, I said I was sorry. Accidents happen.
It didn't look like an accident.
Did you do it on purpose?
I'm not that childish.
I was just trying to make you feel more comfortable next to me.
You should apologise too, Elias.
Can we make up?
You can do that on your own. Let's go.
The room is this way.
We're just gonna go to sauna.
Oh hi.
Is Elias home?
He's pouting right there.
Why are you here?
I want you two to stop fighting. I just lost my mum and I can't deal with all of this.
OK, but only if you leave me alone.
Are we done?
Was your date with Ville all ruin?
Let's put it this way, it got much better at the end.
There you go! So there's more dates to come?
Hope so.
"When can we meet again?"