Tales of Gekijou (Tales of Theater ているず おぶ 劇場) Episode 1 (with English Subs)

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Episode 1:Survival When You Get Lost
Guy: We... passed this place earlier, huh?

Yuri: We have no choice but to go back where we came.
Luke: Just when are we gonna get back to town?
Yuri: Beats me.
Luke: Huh?!
Yuri: Sorry but, it seems we're completely lost.
Luke: Hey! What the hell are you guys doing?!
Guy: Luke, you were the one who insisted on finding a shortcut and just went straight into this forest, remember?
Luke: Are you saying it's my fault?! You guys willingly followed me, too!
Luke: It's not my fault!
Luke: I... I...
Guy: Luke?
Luke: I'm taking a break, a break!
Yuri: If we take our time, we'll never get to town.
Luke: I'm hungry and I can't move anymore!
Luke: We haven't eaten anything in a while.
Guy: Well, that's true.
Luke: Food, food! We're eating!
Yuri: Here you go, all done.
Luke: What is this? They're all carrots!
Yuri: We have no choice. This was the only ingredient we had left.
Luke: I can't eat just carrots!
Guy: It's better than nothing.
Luke: I wanna eat meat! Meat, meat!
Luke: Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat! Meeaatt~!
Guy: Oh, boy.
Guy: What are you making?
Yuri: Even I want to eat something good from time to time.
Guy: Yuri...
Yuri: Now we just wait for something to take the bait.
Yuri: Did we get one?
Guy: It got away?
Yuri: No way, it shouldn't have---
Guy: What are you doing, Luke?
Luke: What is it, guys?
Guy: Luke, you...
Luke: I-It's nothing!
Luke: But there really are cruel people outside, huh?
Guy: Let's just let it go this time.
Yuri: Oh, come on.
Luke: Hey! Don't follow me!
Luke: You little rascal~!
Yuri: Well, I guess I'll overlook it this time.
Luke: And so, if you want food, have as much as you want!
Yuri: Hey!
Luke: Eat, eat!