La défaite de Nox (Nox's defeat - English subtitles)

Uploaded by zekka9999 on 28.05.2011

20 minutes?!
All this wakfu wasted for a 20 minutes time leap?!
200 years of research and wakfu collect for 20 PATHETIC MINUTES?!
Look at the clock, it's collapsing.
It's not attacking the Life Tree anymore.
Where are you bloody...?!
Why did you lie to me?!
You had to help me going back in time and return to my family.
Answer me...
Did you really believe this item was alive?
The Cube... it really talked to me...
I had to succeed...
All those people you attacked, those land you destroyed,
The Mu Oak and Grougaloragran and Tristepin.
All of this just because you're crazy.
Yeah completely crazy, you can say that.
In the name of the Sadida people, it is time to pay for your crimes Nox.
Stop! All of you!
It's done.
Goodbye, Yugo the eliatrop.