Editing physical locations in Google Maps

Uploaded by Google on 14.11.2007


In Google Maps, you can now correct the physical location
of any address on the map.
First, log into your Google account so that your
edits can be saved.
Then search for a place.
Try your house for starters.
If necessary, zoom in a couple of times and
switch to hybrid view.
If you find that the location of the marker is wrong, you
can easily modify it.
For instance, say Google Maps shows that your house is on
the wrong side of the street.
To fix it, click Edit in the info window.
Then click move marker.
Click and drag the marker up to 200 yards or meters to the
correct location.
Note that if you move the marker further than this
distance, your edits will have to go through moderation
before they appear.
Release the mouse and click Save. A confirmation window
appears, letting you know your changes have been saved.
With Google Maps, now you can modify locations for
the world to see.
Try it for yourself at maps.google.com.