Dr. Erica Miller on Apathy

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>> I'm Dr. Erica Miller, author of Thanks For My Journey.
I heard Elie Wiesel, he's an author, historian and a survivor --
a Holocaust survivor, I heard him talk once at the University of Texas
and it made a lot of sense to me.
He addressed the subject of apathy, which he thought was the worst of human traits,
to watch someone being hurt and not to take action to, to allow to the bullies of the world
to get away with it is unconscionable.
Because in a sense, we are our brother's and sister's keepers and I so believe that,
that reaching out, touch, touch the one, the impaired, the vulnerable,
the frail because that's what makes us human.
I call us humanoids because there are many that are predators in society.
But most of us are caring people and having -- taking a stand and, and reaching,
out, to uplift the frail and oppressed I think is our -- not duty only, it's honor to do that.
And I advocate and I'm glad -- I advocate taking a stand and so many people in social psychology,
they have those studies, people don't like to get involved.
You see things happen and you look the other side, I'm so glad to see that regarding bullying
in school, there is now a way, there is now in front, that it has to be taught.
Because the children, monkey see monkey do, many adults in their home are, are, are violent and,
and bullying and then they bring it to school.
And the, the teachers in society has to be very much aware that kids can be trained
to be humanoids, the way I call them, and to not permit the bullying and disrespect that,
that is exhibited from very young to very old.
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