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Why are you here?
I have something to tell you.
If you have time tomorrow, let's meet at the court.
Let's complete the divorce process.
I got it.
You came here to say that?
You could have done it on the phone.
See you tomorrow.
It's okay to give it to me tomorrow.
I have to take it off sooner or later anyway.
See you tomorrow.
I'm really full! My stomach is too full!
Mom, your fish soup tasted really good today.
It was great, really tasty.
These days, does anything taste bad to you?
What time is it?
It's passed the time for store manager to be back.
Why isn't he back yet?
Our store manager likes the fish soup too.
Really, Mom... you only care for Dad.
Hey. One knows her own husband when she aged.
It's useless to work so hard to raise children.
It helps nothing once they leave home.
Why aren't you leaving yet?
Didn't you say your in-law's house is your home? Why aren't you leaving yet?
I got it. I have to leave even if Mom stops me.
I knew it. I knew you will be this way.
It's not like that, isn't tomorrow our store grand opening?
Chul's afraid I'll be tired, so he asked me to rest here.
Regardless, I should stop by to take a look.
That's right, hurry, go.
I got it.
Oh, Mom! Don't tell anyone what I just said.
How about your mother-in-law?
Her own daughter can't bear child, and raising a child from outside?
How sad she would be if she found out her son-in-law had an affair?
We need to keep it a secret.
Tell Eun Nim to keep it a secret too.
It would be big trouble if Mother-in-law found out.
You better watch your mouth rather than my Eun Nim's.
But could your sister-in-law not know,
her husband had an affair and even had a child?
Mom, should I tell my elder sister-in-law?
Never mind, never mind.
Stop the nonsense. Don't you say anything.
- Do you get it? - I got it.
I'm home.
You were home a while ago, where did you go again?
Are you meeting Kang Ho?
I'll take a rest.
Mother, is she really getting a divorce?
She hasn't said anything, how we would know?
Eun Nim, are you really getting a divorce?
Why is that?
I'll talk with you later.
My gosh, where is your wedding ring?
You had it just minutes ago.
Please get out.
Eun Nim, did you have dinner yet?
Mom, Mom, she took off her wedding ring.
Hey, are you really going to divorce?
Didn't I tell you to get out?!
What's this ring for?
Didn't I tell you yesterday I want to marry you?
It's a ring to promise for the marriage.
I can't accept it.
Why not?
Didn't you say you love me too?
You don't believe in me?
Is it because of me?
It's not because of Kang Ho.
It's me.
It's because I'm in love with you.
I loved you so much that...
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
Is Yoo Bin asleep?
Um, he just took a bath.
I went to see Yoo Bin at kindergarten,
He's doing great.
Is it? I should go take a look too.
That would be great.
Um, I have something to say.
After finishing the current assignment,
I plan to take her and Yoo Bin to live in America for a couple of years.
Why are you going all of a sudden?
I want to study a little bit more,
And Yoo Bin is growing up.
I would like him to see a new environment.
It's a good idea.
Husband, let them go.
Is it?
Let's consider it carefully after you complete this assignment first.
If completion of this assignment takes too long,
Yoo Bin's mom, why don't you take Yoo Bin to America first for adjustment?
I'm home.
Kang Ho. Come, have a seat here.
I'm tired, I'll take a rest upstairs.
What does that fella want? I can't understand him.
Have Yoo Bin's mom meet with youngest daughter-in-law yet?
Um, Father-in-law, I saw her today.
Then... What did she say?
She didn't say anything else but that she wants to divorce.
Did she say anything about the reason for divorce?
- Yes. - My god.
What's wrong between them, talking about divorce,
but dare not state the reason?
I should go upstairs and clarify it myself.
Grandma, let me go up.
Mother-in-law, let Sae Hun go upstairs.
I want to be alone, please leave.
The elders are worried about you.
They need to know the reason.
You want to divorce, is it really true?
Can't you leave my room?
Is there something you're not happy about me?
Ever since last time, what's going on?
I don't want to talk, so please leave.
You are like this since last incident.
For a man, one should forget things that need to forget.
You are not a teenager any more.
The birth secret isn't worth to be angry till now.
The birth secret isn't something important?
I have never thought of you as not my brother.
Great, thank you, Hyung.
It's my great honor.
Would you leave?
You are really...
Let's leave.
Why are you looking at your sister-in-law like that?
What's wrong with you?
Sae Hun, don't be like this. It's so noisy.
No, let's go.
Kang Ho, I know it's painful for you.
Can't you sacrifice yourself?
Don't you worry,
it will all end by tomorrow.
What do you mean?
We will complete divorce procedure tomorrow at court.
So, don't worry.
Kang Ho.
So leave my room now!
Kang Ho that fella, how long is he going to continue?
You should think from his side,
He always thought of her as his real mother.
How much shock to know it isn't so.
But it's nothing to divorce for.
Besides, he should be able to talk about it.
When we had problems between us, did you consider talking over with him?
Only husband and wife know things between themselves.
They probably have some deadly reason they don't want to tell us.
That's why they want to divorce.
So you shouldn't mind their business so much.
- You worked hard. - You worked hard.
Ms. Yoo Ri, fighting!
Um, you worked hard.
This show is a little tough, you worked really hard.
I'll do my best.
Have a safe trip.
PD Bong.
I have something to discuss with you.
What is it?
You should have something to tell me too.
What's on your mind?
Say it quick so we can go on with work.
PD Bong, I did really good this time.
Um, Yes. I hope so too.
But why are you saying such useless words?
You are disturbing my work.
When did I say useless words?
I never say useless words, it's all very useful.
Is the word you like me not useless?
Is it useful words?
But, why is it useless words?
I truly like you, Writer Kim.
I like PD Bong too,
but it's purely a relationship between director and writer.
It's just collegial, trusting and respecting each other.
Don't you say random things again and mess up my work.
Liked the writer called Writer Kim.
But I said I liked you as I am a man.
My goodness.
Why are you treating me like this?
PD Bong, I'm an old grandma with a grandson.
Is director speaking to me with a clear mind?
How many years differ between our ages?
I don't think that much,
The most important thing is my heart.
There are many young pretty ladies, why would director Bong choose me?
I would be an old lady with a face full of wrinkles soon,
and my breast and hip isn't firm like they used to be too.
You still like me?
Is love just to feel by the body?
Then, what would you like to feel with?
Ridicules, ridicules.
Am I living too long?
Writer Kim is the prettiest in my eyes.
Isn't it good enough?
My look isn't too bad, really.
Unni, you're home.
What's wrong? Are you feeling sick?
No, no, no, not at all.
Is there something...?
No, nothing.
Unni, did you have dinner?
Yes, I had some at a street stand.
Unni, seems like you had something good outside.
Um, where? Nothing at all.
That, So Weol. How old do I look?
How old do you look?
I know how old you are, so you look that age.
Why are you asking all of a sudden?
Nothing, why is the house so quiet?
Are Chul and Nan Jung still preparing for tomorrow's grand opening?
I don't know, I don't know.
I don't have the spare mind to worry about them.
What's wrong?
Your look says something is bothering you. What is it?
Unni, that...
No. Nothing at all. Nothing.
What? Why'd you stop halfway? What is it?
No. Nothing at all. Nothing.
What is it?
Really, why would she raise someone's kid?
I heard it's all caused by that evil mother-in-law.
It's not just that.
Your niece's husband had an affair and that woman is pregnant.
My gosh, my god.
You better have your niece out of that house soon.
I wouldn't let my daughter stay with that kind of family.
I can't tell Unni about this, but I shouldn't keep quiet either.
OK, I'll tell her after her show is completed.
Yoo Bin isn't the problem right now.
Is it true Baek in-law's woman is pregnant?
It seems like Seon Young doesn't know yet.
What should I do?
Aunt, I'm back.
Where were you just now?
I was at my house.
You didn't say anything there, did you?
About what?
Do you mean sister-in-law's surrogate mother?
Your mother-in-law might hear it.
You didn't tell her yet.
You have to keep it a secret. Understand?
You can't tell anyone.
Why haven't she call yet?
Why isn't there any news?
Eun Nim already knew and she even came looking for me.
So both families should have known by now.
How strange, why is it so quiet?
Once Soon Gyung knows, she won't let it go easily.
So Weol haven't told her yet?
Let's divorce.
We had no other choice, you knew it too.
Honey, why are you drinking so much again?
Your liver disease might start again.
Is Eun Nim home?
- Is our Eun Nim home? - Aigoo, really...
Eun Nim...
Eun Nim.
Our Eun Nim.
I didn't know that fella had another woman.
Your heart must be broken.
Dad, what are you talking about?
Why didn't you tell me he had another woman?
What? Baek son-in-law had another woman,
is that the reason for divorce?
Honey, please leave first.
My god.
Who said that?
Eun Nim, I met that fella today and I beat him up real good.
Your dad isn't old yet, not yet.
Kang Ho said that?
So Eun Nim don't you worry.
Your dad is by your side, do you hear me?
What's wrong with that family?
Both brothers are the same way.
Is it inherited in the gene, really.
Brushing your teeth?
Why are you peeking at others brushing teeth?
Because you're so pretty.
Hurry, close the door. Brushing teeth is ugly.
Let's sleep, Kang Ho.
Yes, let's sleep.
Don't do that, it's ticklish.
You should stay still and let me have it.
- Don't do that. - Stay still and let me have it.
It's me.
Didn't we say to meet at 11 AM?
It's already 40 minutes pass.
I'm almost there, I'll be there soon.
Kang Ho is going to process his divorce today,
He would do it, right?
He said it, so he should be.
Now I finally can sleep at night.
Ms. Go Eun Nim wants to divorce with Mr. Baek Kang Ho?
Mr. Baek Kang Ho wants to divorce with Ms. Go Eun Nim?
Mr. Baek Kang Ho...
I don't want to divorce.
Mr. Kang Ho.
Let's go.
Mr. Kang Ho.
What's going on? What do you want?
Mr. Kang Ho.
Mr. Kang Ho, why are we here?
Let's hurry back to the court house.
I will never go there again.
What should we do?
Didn't you said to divorce?
Why are we to divorce?
We have to, Kang Ho.
You knew it too.
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Mr. Kang Ho, please don't behave like this.
Is it for the sake of Yoo Bin?
Yoo Bin is not your son, he is my brother's son.
But why?
You know who Yoo Bin is, why are you doing this?
Fine, if it bothers you, let's leave here right now.
Let's go to a place where no one knows.
Are we really going to be fine by going to a place other doesn't know?
Mr. Kang Ho, we have no other choice.
If you aren't ready today,
Then let's do it tomorrow.
Go Eun Nim,
Please listen to me.
I'll never divorce, do you hear?
There must be something I didn't know.
Our Baek son-in-law is not a person like that.
There must be some other reason.
How are you, in-law?
From what I heard, Kang Ho wants to divorce for his affair.
My child talks about divorce, but will not say the reason.
So I had no choice but to talk with Baek son-in-law.
However, I don't believe what he said.
That's not the real reason.
It couldn't be.
Is there other unspeakable reasons?
That's why I called you out in such rude manner.
I would like to know if Eun Nim did something wrong?
Did something wrong? No.
As far as I know. Nothing.
Then what is it?
We don't know anything yet,
please talk with her and ask her not to divorce.
Yes, I'm really sorry.
Don't say that.
It's our family who caused your daughter to suffer.
I should be apologizing.
What is this? What's the name?
Did he fired by oil or what?
Mom, Chul, Nan Jung.
It's just the name of Unni and Brother-in-law.
Really, how can they name it like this?
- Really. - Mother.
- Unni. - Where are you taking that?
But, Eun Nim isn't coming?
I don't know what it is. She left this morning.
It's cold, let's go in. Hurry up, mother.
She's the boss, she can enjoy it now.
Mother-in-law, you are here.
Why is it so quiet in the store?
Your mother-in-law and aunt-in-law didn't stop by yet?
They already stopped by.
Mother-in-law is busy with her drama script right now.
Is that call for delivery? What should I do?
What are you doing? Answer the phone.
How are you? This is ChulNan's chicken place.
Is it? Of course.
Fried chicken? Yes. We will deliver to you right away.
Eun Jung, Mom, our first delivery sale!
- Calm down, this girl. - Director Oh...
One fried chicken, hurry up.
Yes, Mrs. Director Oh.
Really, what are you guys doing? Director? Manager? Really.
Where are you going?
Are you going over Chul's store again?
No, I'll go to Chul's store after coming back,
I have something else.
What else is there?
Are you going for match maker behind my back?
Sister, enjoy live and don't worry about anything.
What's all this about suddenly?
Wait, I wonder how's our Chul business doing?
Would you come out a while?
I'm in the company coffee shop.
Right now?
OK. I got it.
What is this about?
Is there something bothering aunt-in-law?
I'm going to ask just one question,
is it true Yoo Bin isn't Seon Young's child?
So it's true.
How did Aunt...
Baek Son-in-law, don't do this,
why don't you let go of our Seon Young?
I don't understand what you said.
I don't know how our Seon Young survived.
From what I can see,
Seon Young has no reason to continue living in your house.
Whether it's own child, or care from husband.
Aunt-in-law, what are you talking about?
Yes, there is a reason, at least for a child.
How much did Seon Young want to have your baby?
She did it for that.
However, can't you understand how Seon Young felt?
How could you do this?
I heard the woman you had an affair with is pregnant.
What are you going to do?
Who spread such ridiculous rumor?
Did Yoo Bin's mom say something?
Our Seon Young knows nothing.
She doesn't even know I'm meeting you today.
In that case, where does that woman live?
I will check it out myself.
Who is it that spread such ridiculous rumor?
Please tell me, I'll meet him.
I'll confront him in person, that way he won't say such things.
I got it.
If it isn't you, I should believe your word.
Until now,
Seon Young and your mother-in-law knows nothing.
I think you should know how my sister will react if she finds it out.
Therefore, you must clean it up really well.
Don't even leave any spot behind.
I'm leaving now.
What is this? So ridiculous.
So, Yoo Bin really isn't Seon Young's...
Our poor Seon Young.
But why is Geum Ja unni doing this?
Baek son-in-law said it isn't so.
Why does she keep talking nonsense?
Wait, she can't.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Unni, It's me. Open the door.
Why is she here? What is she here for?
Unni, have a seat and let's talk.
But you didn't call and what's... what is it?
Unni, where did you hear that from?
Our son-in-law clearly said he cleaned it all,
what's this about being pregnant?
Who said such ridiculous thing?
Why are you like this suddenly, So Weol?
Didn't Unni come to my house saying my son-in-law is still seeing that woman?
And that woman is pregnant, didn't you say so?
Did I say so?
How could you be like this?
Unni, do you happen to know the woman who hooked our son-in-law?
No, I don't know her.
How would that be possible?
Then how does unni know stuff we don't even know about?
That I heard from those women talking in the bath house.
Regardless how that woman is, please tell her.
If she speaks such nonsense again, I'll tear her mouth in person.
Do you get it?
I got it.
Also, don't ever come to my house if you're going to spread such words again.
Mother, what's she talking about?
What's that Ahjumma's relationship with Director?
No relationship. What is all this?
You brought me porridge for my sickness?
- It's still warm. - Mom, what are you doing these days?
Yeon Hee...
Am I pregnant? Am I?
Mom, how could you? Why?
Yeon Hee...
Yeon Hee... Yeon Hee...
It's me.
How have you been?
Yes, I'm doing fine.
What's up?
I need to ask you something.
Go ahead.
No... Maybe I heard it wrong...
Say it, what is it?
Do you have something you didn't get a chance to tell me yet?
Nothing, so don't you worry.
Is it? I got it, please take care.
I'm hanging up.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
This is great.
Chul, should we check how much we made today?
I got it.
Chul, we earned all these?
How much is it? Mom, Eun Jung, let's count it.
Good. Nothing is better than counting money.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
100 thousands bill: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
- Here are 700 thousands. - Unni, here's two 10 thousand bills.
That makes 720 thousands.
Here are 6 thousands bills.
What's the total? So we made 726 thousands!
Chul, we are going to be rich soon.
My God. It's much easier than I thought.
Let's see, take it 700 thousand a day, 31 days per month, 3 times 7 is 21...
It's 2.3 million Won a month!
Mother-in-law is over estimated. This is not the net earnings.
We need to take out the material, rents, oil, man power cost.
There isn't much left after all these costs.
Really, what's this about? It leaves less than half of a half?
Our Nan Jung doesn't have to worry about anything anymore.
- You closed so early. - You are here this late.
- This shop is quite clean and pretty. - Isn't it, honey?
Dad, we had 726 thousands sales today.
Is it?
Let's go home.
Honey, you haven't had dinner yet? I'll get your dinner ready.
I'm not hungry.
Eun Jung, would you make a call to your sister Eun Nim?
Ask where she is now and come home soon.
I got it.
You were home all this time?
You stayed home and didn't go to your sister's grand opening?
I'm sorry, I'll stop by tomorrow.
She didn't do it on purpose, she must have her own reason.
Have a seat.
I met with your father-in-law, President Baek today.
You met with Father-in-law, why?
What is it why?
How can the parent do nothing when their daughter asks for divorce?
Your father-in-law told me...
your husband isn't the type that would have women outside.
I thought so too.
There must be some misunderstanding?
So, Eun Nim...
Dad, I'll divorce Kang Ho.
Please don't do anything useless like this anymore.
Look how she speaks.
How can she ask us, the parents,
to just watch from the sideline?
I'm sorry, but there is a reason we have to do it this way.
Mom, Dad, please understand me.
Child, seems like you misunderstood what you're doing is right.
Aren't you considering your parents, your sisters?
Fine, let's say your husband had an affair.
Are you giving up your position in a wealthy family?
For that man's single affair, are you giving up willingly?
Aren't you foolish?
You come out with me.
Let go, why you don't talk with Eun Nim carefully?
I thought we are going to live comfortably.
If you leave that house,
did you consider the job your mother-in-law found for your father?
And, you can't just focus on your husband's affair,
Consider how well your husband treated you and our family all these time.
Besides, didn't your husband open the shop for your grandma?
If you have a conscience, then you can't do this.
You need to over look it even if your husband have 10 affairs.
Mom, please leave me alone. Please!
Why aren't you out yet?
Mom, please say no more!
It's saying that people climb upward, what are you doing?
Such tiny hand yet drawing so concentrated.
- It's probably homework from school. - Is it?
Yoo Bin, you want to drink some milk?
Is Yoo Bin drawing Mommy?
But the hair is different.
Is Yoo Bin drawing Mommy? Thank you.
This is Aunt.
The homework subject is someone you miss the most.
Aigoo... our Yoo Bin is missing Aunt so much?
- I'm home - Such a nice drawing.
You're back?
It's Yoo Bin's bed time.
Take Yoo Bin upstairs and make him fall asleep.
- Yoo Bin, let's go up. - OK.
Yoo Bin haven't sleep and is drawing all this time?
Yes, he said he's missing his aunt and is drawing her.
Is he?
I never thought youngest daughter-in-law is so cold hearted.
Even young Yoo Bin would miss her.
I saw Eun Nim's dad today.
What did he say?
He said to let them calm down, then he will talk with her again.
Is that so?
What is the use of talking?
They met in front of the court house today to complete the divorce process.
What? Is it true?
Yes, Kang Ho said so yesterday.
Why did you just tell me now?
Mother is going to be sad if she knew earlier, so...
Does it matter if I'm sad?
Call Kang Ho now.
The number you're calling is turned off...
His phone is turned off.
It can't be. It can't be. They won't do it like this.
You call the in-law, ask them about it.
Ask them if they really divorced today.
Mother, it's late now,
let's wait for Kang Ho and ask him first.
I thought they were angry and simply talking about it.
I never thought it would be real. How could it? What should we do?
How could Kang Ho?
Eun Nim!
Hey, Go Eun Nim.
Unni. What's that sound?
- It sounds like Brother-in-law. - Go Eun Nim!
Open the door!
Son-in-law, what's the matter?
I'm sorry.
Why did you drink so much?
Hurry, come in quickly.
Be careful, come in.
Son-in-law. This way.
Have a seat here.
Bring some honey water or something to help his hang over.
Are you OK?
What's the matter?
Father-in-law, Mother-in-law. I'm sorry.
I missed Eun Nim so much that I have to come,
I missed her too much.
What is it?
Dad, I will go change and take him home.
I don't want to go, I want to sleep here.
Why are you doing this?
What are you doing? He rarely comes here.
Have a drink.
Good, good.
Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, I can't divorce Eun Nim.
I can't.
Why should we divorce?
Kang Ho, stand up, leave quickly, hurry.
I'm not leaving.
He should sleep here, bring some blanket.
- Did you cover him with some blanket? - Yes
Baek Son-in-law doesn't seem to have any intention to divorce.
Does he, honey?
You're awake.
I drank too much last night.
Kang Ho, let's talk outside before Mom and Dad wake up.
Kang Ho, please don't do this again.
Since we are going to separate,
it's hard on me if you keep on doing this.
My mom and dad will keep their hopes up.
They will hurt in the end.
You didn't understand what I said last night?
I won't divorce you.
Let's start over.
No. Aren't we husband and wife?
Formally wedded.
So come back home.
How can I, now that Mother and Sister-in-law know?
Then let's live outside,
or let's go to a faraway place.
Won't it be OK to stay at a faraway place?
That's right, the contract papers.
Secretary Kim came early and is waiting for you.
Send him back to the company, I'm not going today.
What's the use going to the hospital at a time like this?
What's the use for me to live longer?
Kang Ho, what's wrong with you?
Where did you sleep last night?
You didn't come home yesterday.
I slept at Eun Nim's house.
You slept at Eun Nim's house?
Does that mean you haven't completed the divorce procedure yet?
That's right, Grandma. I don't want to divorce.
Good thinking, good thinking.
Mother, Kang Ho is back.
Why don't you go to the hospital now?
Oh, yes. Right. I should go to the hospital.
Kang Ho, I'm going to the hospital.
- Yes, Grandma. Have save trip. - Good baby.
Kang Ho, let's talk.
You're not going to divorce?
That's correct, Mother.
What do you want?
Mother, even if you ask us to divorce, I can't.
Then do you plan to live with her forever?
Yes. Mother.
Kang Ho, you are mad.
Why are you always calling me mother, not mom?
What do you really want?!
Mother, please calm down.
Do you think I can calm down right now?
Please have a talk with me.
Younger brother-in-law, what do you want after all?
Elder sister-in-law, please understand.
Is this matter can be resolved with just understanding?
I'll leave with Eun Nim.
So you aren't father and mother's son just because you'll leave here?
And you won't be Yoo Bin's father's younger brother just because you'll leave here?
Younger brother-in-law you are Yoo Bin's uncle.
That's right, Yoo Bin is my nephew. He is son of sister-in-law and my elder brother.
However, this isn't what we are talking about,
younger sister-in-law give birth to Yoo Bin.
How could you two make up again?
What were you two talking about?
Who gave birth to Yoo Bin?
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Yoo Bin is the child of me and your sister-in-law.
If Hyung accept, it would be much easier for me and Eun Nim.
What is this? What are you two doing?
Unni, introduce me formally to PD Bong.
PD Bong?
Yoo Bin.
- Yoo Bin come to my side. - No. No.
What's the matter with that money?
Aren't you going to be daughter-in-law of that family soon?
What did you tell Kang Ho?
He changed his mind in the morning and no longer wants a divorce.
She is the woman who gave birth to Yoo Bin!
I have nothing more to say.
Let's take Yoo Bin as a gift from heaven.