A Survivor's Story

Uploaded by HumanRightsWatch on 07.07.2010

I'm Julie and I'm 25 years old.
I'm a survivor of rape.
I tried pushing him, I tried screaming no; I screamed stop --
I said, "you're hurting me" --
nothing was helping,
so I ran out of the apartment
and got immediately into my car
and was in hysterics.
And then we ended up going immediately
to the hospital.
From there, I agreed to do a rape kit.
Being raped is tragic enough, but you go through a rape kit, and it's just as tragic.
Having to undress in front of people you don't know
Having pictures taken,
having people pick and prod at your fingernails,
then taking black lights and going from head-to-toe looking
for anything they can find...
It literally feels like your body is turned into a crime scene.
I feel like eventhough my case
may have not gone to court regardless
if my kit was tested or not,
I feel like I would have had
somewhat of a closure.
I feel like I would have had
more answers.
Maybe not answers that I liked, but I would have answers.
If it was tested -- if the rape kit was tested,
I feel like I in some part
would have internal justice.
I wouldn't be wondering, why?
It's hard, and it's
difficult to think that you
potentially could be setting someone free to do it
to somebody else,
and the reason is
not testing a kit.