How to Make Vintage-Style Planter Pots | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 30.09.2012

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Terra cotta pots are, well, they're affordable and can be stylish, but often, they don't
go with the color of your decor. Let me give you an idea. You know, there's no reason why
you shouldn't have interesting decorative containers. I mean, you can start with one
of these simple terra cotta pots and create something that's really your own style and
your own design. And it only takes a little bit of time and very few materials. This container
actually started out like this, just a basic terra cotta pot. What's great about these
is they don't cost a lot of money. The next thing you do is you just take some paste wax
and just apply it where you wanna see the base color of the container like this. You
just wanna make irregular strokes. Now that's what I've done here. And, you can see, then
I spray painted it blue. Now all I have to do, since the paint is dry, is just rub off
the paint and the wax. You can see the effect I'm already starting to get. I like using
this steel wool because the steel wool adds a different color. It's got a little bit of
rust to it, so it makes it even grungier and more vintage-like. You can use any color you
want, and you can do as many layers as you like. And another way to take the paint or
the wax off is to use a fine grain sandpaper like this. You get a little bit different
texture to it. It removes the paint and the wax in just a slightly different way. What's
great about these is that they're very affordable, very stylish, and no one container ever looks
the same. They're all unique and individual. If you're enjoying these tips, check in with
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