How to Make Ebi Chili エビチリの作り方

Uploaded by cookingwithdog on 14.07.2011

Hi, I'm Francis,
the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."
Let’s cut the aromatic vegetables.
Thinly slice the ginger
and cut it into fine strips.
Chop it into fine pieces.
Make vertical cuts in the garlic clove,
slice across the initial cuts
and chop it into fine pieces.
Make a cut in the long green onion lengthwise.
Turning it halfway over, make another cut across the first,
quartering the onion lengthwise.
Chop the long green onion into fine pieces.
Let’s prepare the prawns for ebi chili.
Peel the prawns
and remove the tails.
Remove the sand veins with a bamboo stick.
Make a shallow cut along the back of each.
Rub the prawns with salt.
Add the potato starch
and toss to coat.
Put in a bit of water
and rub the prawns with the starch.
Take the bowl to the sink.
Rinse the prawns in the bowl under running water,
discarding the water several times until it is clear.
Place the prawns on a mesh strainer and drain well.
Spread the prawns on a paper towel.
Cover with another paper towel
and roll them up.
Gently press with your hands to remove the excess water.
Place the prawns in a bowl.
Sprinkle on the salt
and the pepper.
Add the sake and toss to coat well.
Add the egg white
and potato starch and continue to mix.
Let’s stir-fry the prawns.
Put the vegetable oil in the heated pan.
Swirl the pan to coat it with the oil.
Spread the prawns in the pan and adjust the heat to medium.
When the edges of the prawns begin to redden,
flip them over.
Lightly fry the other side
and remove.
At this stage, the prawns are not yet cooked all the way.
Let’s make the ebi chili sauce.
Put the vegetable oil in the heated pan.
Add the chopped garlic, ginger,
chili bean paste
and tomato ketchup.
Stir-fry the mixture on medium heat.
When the aroma grows stronger,
reduce the heat
and continue to stir-fry.
Add the Chinese-style chicken stock, which is made from instant chicken stock powder.
Add the sake,
and sugar to the sauce.
and bring the sauce to a boil.
Drop in the prawns
and chopped long green onion.
Dissolve the potato starch in water and pour it over the onion.
Toss to coat well.
If you think the sauce is too thin,
gradually add the dissolved starch and mix.
Finally, sprinkle on the vinegar and stir to combine.
Turn off the burner
and serve the piping hot ebi chili in a bowl.
Do not overcook the prawns
otherwise they will become small and tough and the texture will not be enjoyable.
Using plenty of aromatic vegetables, such as garlic, ginger and long green onions
will increase the flavor.
Good luck in the kitchen!