1.5 Non-Camera Acting - Betty & DD web series

Uploaded by bettyanddd on 22.09.2010

EUGENE: So, last week during commercial class?
We didn't even get to the non-camera commercial part.
Which is the part I was most excited about.
Because I've never even seen a non-camera commercial.
GUNTHER: I have.
♪♪♪ [ theme music ] ♪♪♪
LIZ: Moo Moo Barbeque, let us fill you up once...
...you'll come back again and again and again.
BETTY: Let's rewind that and...
...and listen to your first non-camera commercial.
LIZ: Okay.
LIZ: [playback] Come on down to Moo Moo Barbeque.
Try our beef it can't be beat.
And don't get me started on our pork.
ARDEN: Excuse me... LIZ: [playback] We've got the--
ARDEN: ...I can't understand it. It's all gargled.
LIZ: I think it sounds bad because it's not professional equipment.
BETTY: Well, I'm a professional--it's my equipment.
DD: It's up to the actor to make the equipment sound expensive.
EUGENE: ...and twice baked-potato.
BETTY: Eugene, I'm going to ask you--just relax a little bit.
DD: Just because you're not on camera doesn't mean you can't make gesturing.
BETTY: Yeah, act natural. Okay?
DD: And this time...uh...do it with your human voice.
EUGENE: That was my human voice.
DD: No. No it was not...human.
EUGENE: Come on down to Moo Moo Barbeque.
Try our beef, it can't be beat.
And don't get me started on our pork.
Or get an awesome bone-in-steak...
...and twice mashed potatoes.
EUGENE: B.T.W. Non-camera acting is just a fancy word for voiceover.
ARDEN: Try the tri-tip. You'll like it so much...
...you'll stay for the berry pie.
BETTY: Arden, I'm just going to ask you to continue in a lower voice.
ARDEN: [deeper voice] You'll come back again and again.
DD: Try it like...like you're shooting a gun out of your mouth.
ARDEN: Moo! Moo!
BETTY: Like a machine gun?
ARDEN: [machine gun]
BETTY: Let's use some imagery.
You have a tube in your throat.
This is the bottom. This is the top.
Just...act like you're choking on that.
ARDEN: [crazy choking sound]
LIZ: I think really nailed it when she did it like the Dominican donkey.
It took me back to my honeymoon really.
Uh...before my husband left me.
WEAZY: Moo Moo Barbecue!
Let us fill you up once.
You'll come back again and again.
BETTY: Oh, I'm--I'm sorry. Did you start?
WEAZY: I finished.
BETTY: Oh, okay.
DD: Oh-'kay. Who's next?
WEAZY: I must be doing really well.
Because they didn't even know I was acting.
GUNTHER: ...hot ham-sandwich you have ever sunk your teeth...
...you have ever sunk your teeth...
...into. Or get an awesome bone-in...
...and twice...
BETTY: You know what, Gunther?
BETTY: Just relax. Relax.
Don't worry so much about the words.
You're a fabulous actor. Just paraphrase.
Let's get the emotion. Okay?
GUNTHER: Come on down to Moo Moo Barbecue.
Try and beat our beef.
Don't get me started to pork.
We've got the best hot sausage...
...you've every wrapped your lips around.
Or get an awesome bone'n, twice.
Baked potato.
Try the tip.
You'll love it so much, you'll want to bury the rest in your pie.
Moo Moo Barbecue.
Let us feel you up.
You'll be cumming again and again.
DD: [clapping] Yeah, dawg! That was hot. That was smokin'.
BETTY: DD, instead of talking about hot ham-sandwich...
...you can sink your teeth into, he talked about a...
...a sausage you could wrap your lips around.
DD: Oh.
I'm not gay.
BETTY: Gunther, I'm just--you know...
...you have to be careful. When you're nervous, that was...
...that was very sexual.
GUNTHER: It was?
BETTY: Yeah.
[ tone ]
♪♪♪ [ theme music ] ♪♪♪
[radio tuning]
TEX: [voiceover] ...teeth into. Or get an awesome bone-in-steak and twice baked potato.
Try the tri-tip you'll like it so much, you'll stay for the pie.
Moo Moo Barbecue, let us fill you up once. You'll come back again and again!
[cow sfx] Moooo!
BETTY: [voiceover] In our next class...
ARDEN: Walking's hard. I don't ever want to do it again.