Transocean - Offshore

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The good thing about working for Transocean is everyday’s different.
Every day you wake up and there’s new challenges; new responsibilities.
My name’s Matthew Jones.
I’m a driller with Transocean.
My day to day responsibilities with Transocean include running BOP,
running casing, drilling, well testing, there are a lot of different facets.
We are 300 kilometers from the coast, so to look around it’s just blue sea.
The facilities on the rigs are good.
They’ve got a gymnasium there, rec room, table tennis, TV.
I love achieving and with Transocean, that’s what you get to do every day.
You get to work to your full extent.
You find out what you’re capable of.
Every day you learn new things.
Transocean is #1 in the training.
Everyone in the industry knows that.
Transocean is deeply committed to their workers’ safety.
Every employee is empowered to stop any operation they think’s unsafe.
There is no one who supports their staff like Transocean does.
Being the biggest contractor in the world enables us to
choose where you want to work, where you want to go,
and they will assist you to get there.
I can move up to the next position on the rigs or I could
decide to get a job in town doing engineering, logistics.
My goal one day is to work off Africa, just for the experience.
And my managers at Transocean are aware of that and one day I’ll get up over there.
Transocean is known worldwide for their technical leadership.
You do have a sense of pride and you feel lucky to be working for Transocean.
Challenge yourself.
Come aboard.
Be excited every day.
A lot of people use that catch phrase,
“live the dream,” and that’s what I feel I’m doing.