Every Third Thursday-Survival Split Board-by-Signal Snowboards

Uploaded by SignalSnowboard on 14.03.2012

Dave Lee: This is Every Third Thursday, a chance for us to have some fun in our factory
get creative with board design and materials just get spontaneous come up with a theme
and build it.
Dave: It’s Every Third Thursday and it’s time to dig in and spend the night in the
backcountry. A huge thanks for our friends at Poler for hooking us up with some great
gear. Let’s go build the Survival Split.
Dave: Here’s our Epic Series for 2012. It’s a traditional split board, you can see it
splits into two, clamp it back together you have a snowboard. The survival split we’re
making is going to split into three.
Dave: You’re basically going to cut it here and here and engineer it so that you have
two skies and a shovel with a long handle.
Jeb: That sounds good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before.
Dave: I definitely have not.
Dusty: As you can see there’s inserts everywhere for uhh, the split. We’re gong to have hardware
pretty much to hold everything together.
Jeb: Right now, I’m about to cut the base material for the Split Survival board. I’m
going to cut out the ski part.
Dusty: Basically it’s a big cluster f**k
Jeb: It is a big cluster f**k. I was going to say puzzle but it’s a cluster f**k.
Dusty: I’m not used to putting edges down the center of a board. It was a little bit
different putting them in the middle. It’s usually just putting them on the outside,
clip them on and glue it you know?
Joey: So Marc had a great idea to use these pedals he got from his friend Rich at Crank
Brothers. Instead of using a traditional split board binding that you would remove from the
snowboard and then put onto the skies. We’re going to mount these guys onto the board and
then use the clip that comes with it to attach to the bottom of our snowboard boot so you
can clip in and out of the binding without having to remove your snowboard bindings to
ride the skies.
Dave: Stephen is laying up the Survival Split. He’s got his work cut out for him.
Dave: Oh boy.
Dave: Yeah!
Dave: We got your clip for your skies
Joey: The fact that we were able to hide a blade in the split ski is pretty intense and
it still goes back into the little pocket we channeled out here, and lines up perfect.
Dave: Just installed the flint on the edge here.
Dave: The boards finished and we’re taking the last flight out tonight to Colorado. Tomorrow
we dig in for the night.
Dave: We’re here at Berthoud Pass. Got the Every Third Thursday board here, Survival
Split guys.
Dave: You have your two skies, and check out this for our snow cave tonight.
Get our S.O.Sup there, in case anyone can see us. We also have, a knife.
Danimals: Yeah! This thing’s awesome.
Dave: The coolest thing we came across, is that you get an old school snurffer out of
Danimals: All kinds of survival stuff. There’s a compass, a fire starter. There’s a thermometer.
Danimals: Steering is a little crazy, because it’s torsionally so soft you know, and you
got those inner edges.
Dave: I’m here with Mark Maitland from Adventure Out in Santa Cruz, and we’re going to build
a snow cave.
Mark Maitland: You can die of exposure in minutes if you’re in the wrong situation.
There’s no better shelter than a snow shelter.
Danimals: Takes a lot of work, but it’s coming together really good. We got lots of
guys so it’s pretty quick.
Dave: It was cool to see Danimals come from Minnesota, like an urban shred scene to the
backcountry and just got right into it.
Dave: Just snapped together, the Snurfer.
Kharma: Alright, let’s give it a try.
Dave: Super fun, doing laps with Kharma. We were both laughing. We had our whole crew
just amped on these little lines, and it was fun just to like, play.
Kharma: Snurfing.
Dave: We had to fit nine people into the snow caves, so it was actually like a snow condominium.
Dave: We got the first pod.
Mark: This is a legit snow dome for a bunch of people. This is plush. We did it right.
Dave: The campfire was an awesome scene at night. It was pretty much the last chance
to have a little bit of food.
Steve Norwood: I’m getting ready to cook a little bratwurst, in the backcountry.
Dave: Really psych yourself up to be sleeping in really cold weather.
Dave: We just really came together and had an awesome time.
Dave: It’s 5:45. Just woke up The sun’s about to rise, I just wanted to check it out. All the dudes
are in there sleeping soundly.
Dave: There’s nine people in there!
Dave: We definitely achieved what we set out to do. We stayed overnight in really low temperatures,
we built our own shelter, we built the fire, we had a board that provided plenty of laughs
and fun. It was a great experience.
We got all cozy, didn't' even think about it. Everyone's about to go to sleep… I gotta pee.