Studying at the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Uploaded by UniversityOfBristol on 23.03.2012

My name is Jessie Abrahams
and I'm a research assistant on a project
and I'm also a masters student part time
in the Sociology Department
and I did my undergraduate degree in Sociology here as well.
My experiences at the University of Bristol as an undergraduate
were very good, I love this University
and just generally, it made me fall in love with Sociology.
I think my lecturers were very good
and very committed and very interested in their subject.
Working as part of a research team in the Sociology Department
has been the best thing I've done!
That's just complemented my masters programme so much
and I feel lucky to have been able to do that.
Basically, I've been doing interviews on students here,
it's given me a lot of insight into the real world of researching
and made me want to do a PhD a lot more than I did before
because it's more abstract when you're just studying in a classroom,
but to put Sociology into real life is amazing.