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Uploaded by OpenUniversitiesAu on 18.12.2011

I think the best thing about studying online with Open Universities Australia is the ability
to pick up and stop studying units as my own time allows. Studying online with OUA is so
flexible; I was even able to travel over to the UK while continuing on with my course.
I actually sat my exams at Kings College in London and you can’t get better than that.
I’ve been studying with OUA for five years and the online study materials are getting
better and better every year. I know I need to stay focussed and motivated if I want to
complete my degree. It’s easy to want to veg out at the end of the working day, but
I do a little bit each day to stay on top of it. And that’s working for me, like when
I see my exam results and I’ve done really well it stirs me on to do better. And meeting
my class mates for on campus lab work means I get the best of both worlds. At the end
of the day I’m getting a bona fide degree from a great university, it’s just brilliant!