H+ Episode 15: Their Connection

Uploaded by HplusDigitalSeries on 12.09.2012


Oh, how beautiful.
Conall, are you seeing this?
CONALL: Of course.
He's healthy?
GURVEER: Very healthy.
And the software is still trying to gather data.
But it has enough to bring the child
into the monitoring process.
It's just enough to know that he's there, right, love?
I'm sorry, I thought you were talking to me.
That's okay. He's always with you.
Now this should motivate you
to stay a little bit more connected.
I told you, I turn it off when I write.
BREANNA: Let's talk about schedule. I'd like to see if we could try
and match up our daily schedules a bit more.
Now, I don't want to ask you to drastically change anything.
Change what things exactly?
Well, your sleep schedule for example.
Only by a few hours.
You know, try and live in the same time zone, as it were.
That wouldn't be too bad for her, would it, doctor?
Excuse me?
If Leena shifted her sleep schedule by a few hours?
That way we would be more available to each other.
You can always contact me at night.
BREANNA: I know, but I don't want to wake you unless it's an emergency.
I understand it's a lot to ask, but the way it is now,
I'm only home from work an hour before you go to bed.
And I would change my schedule if I could,
but work just won't allow it.
Well, how would you suggest it?
Well, if she does it gradually over a week it should be fine.
BREANNA: I'm always available to you during my work day.
And Conall too. But you know what I mean, right?
Of course.
Actually, do you mind if I excuse myself for a minute?
Peters? Are you still there?
Okay, I'm alone. Continue.
Please refrain from that kind of tone.
You're speaking to me as if I don't want
this chip gone just as much as you do.
No, no, Peters, let me finish.
Manta, Ichiro, we all want it gone,
and by now everyone should recognize
the child's importance to that.
Once Manta embeds your Tsumi Application
into Leena's HPlus account,
you'll be able to study the child yourself.
Perhaps then you'll believe me.
His DNA will rid us of this sickness.