League of Legends - Darius Double Top Edition

Uploaded by xChinNin on 07.06.2012

Hey! What's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today with his ButtFucking Friend Murdered to...
And now, you're going to see the power of that moda facka.
For runes, I took everything that gives me gold per 10 seconds because my BFF and I are constantly raging over who takes the creep kills.
So I need a bit of income to become OP later.
For masteries, I put every point I can to maximise my Attack Power.
Being double top with Darius is fun because you can always get the last hit of the kill with your ultimate.
He's also great because you can Decimate that invisible Shaco, let Alistar stun the enemies to finally whoop Shaco's ass with your ultimate skill.
Then, whoop that Shen's ass that still tries hard to get a kill by using your refreshed ultimate skill OH YEAH!
What's more? Shen will be able to ride a roller coaster thanks to your double hook.
And then, he'll finally die just like those guys from Final Destination 3 OH YEAH!
Nice Flash Murdered!
After Shen died, you can destroy that top tower at level 3, no problem!
Where are you going, dude?
What's up, Monkey?
After getting fed at top, you can roam with your BFF to gank mid.
To gank bot.
And to gank dragon's sex slave.
Combined with Flash, you'll have no problem to hook that Nocturne.
To KS (kill steal) that Monkey.
Or to finish off that Taric.
And now, it's time for some...
With Darius, you can hook Rocket Raccoon and enjoy your sexy time.
Not once, but twice if you want to.
Dont worry, no one can interrupt your sexy time! Not even Malphite!
You can ALSO catch a dying fish to eat him as a midnight snack.
You can ALSO EVEN bring your BFF to hide in separate brush to make a surprise threesome.
YOU can ALSO EVEN AS WELL wait for Ziggs to lay his ''balls'' on the ground, hide until he comes to check the brush and have another threesome.
You can ALSO EVEN AS WELL WITHOUT PROBLEM hide in the fog of war instead of the brush to whoop that fake Darius, no problem!
You can ALSO EVEN AS WELL WITHOUT PROBLEM SUCCESSFULLY steal the blue golem from the other side of the camp to make the enemies pissed.
You can ALSO EVEN AS WELL WITHOUT PROBLEM SUCCESSFULLY REALLY pose as the 5th and 6th wraith to whoop the jungler's ass.
After all that, you'll become so powerful that you'll be able to dodge any attack from any champion to get an easy kill.
That's right! Even that tank killer won't be able to scratch you and run away.
So harass her like no one to show her who's the real carry.
Mega ultimate...
You'll also have no problem to run from all those greedy fuckabishes stunners that want a kill, survive and make the mummy cry more.
In teamfights, you'll have no problem to harass Rocket Raccoon and whoop his ass even with 2 bodyguards.
Then you can proceed to scratch that rock solid champion and do not stop until you can hook him and use your refreshed ultimate skill on him.
You can hook that Karma that comes near your tower, ultimate her and walk off like a boss to let the bleeding kill her.
You can save your BFF from getting killed by using your OP ultimate skill.
I can't believe how over-powered that ultimate is!
You can first use it to whoop your brother's ass and then use it once again to whoop that crying mummy.
Oh! Hi there, Urgot!
Come on, Ezreal! You know you can't run away from the mighty Dari...
WHAT? What the shit are you doing, stupid cow?
By now, we all know that Darius ultimate skill is too strong, so let's use it early in a teamfight and see how he deals with the enemies without it.
Guess what? That guy's all about his ultimate!
That's it for today, people!
I will now leave you with that Shaco overkill.