How to fix Minecraft OpenGL error on Windows XP/7/Vista (interactive)

Uploaded by mesiapk on 04.07.2012

Welcome everyone to the Mesiapk gaming channel I am the FriedZombie you can call me fried for short
And I'm kinda new to the channel and I am going to do something technicall today about the openGl error and other stuff why Minecraft doesn't start
So let's begin!
Now we are looking at the most hated screen of minecraft It bassicly tells you that you have bad video card drivers
Or some other issue that is related to this error message but not quite the same origins
Fixing this issue is bassicly the same on all Windows version from Xp to windows 7
on windows 8 this tutorial could also work but i can not guarantee it because it is not fully released to the public yet
and there could be some other issues with the operating system or some other programs that are not fully updated to the windows 8 standards yet
Now open your favourite browser and go to the website so we can update the java engine to the latest version
or if you allready have the latest version make sure to reinstall it so we van eliminate if there was issue with your java engine or not
Click on the red Free java download button and wait till the next page is fully loaded
it absolutely doesn't matter what the main screen tells you and click on the link all java downloads
If you have a 64bit windows installation then you have to select both windows offline 64bit and windows offline 32bit wait for the downloads to finsish
and also remember were you have stored them so you can find the files back more easily
After the downloads have finished and you have a 64 bit system make sure that you install the i586 version first and then the second one
and if you have a 32 bit system you only install the first one of course
if you allready have the latest version of java installed, there could be a message asking you if you want to reinstall it and if you want to continue
This message box will also appear on the seccond installation if applicable and also choose yes of course to continue the installtion of the 64 bit as well
While I am installing the java engine the 64 and 32 bit on my system I think i should also point out that the installation take fairly long and I really sped up the installations
So you don't have to watch through the very slow stuff but remember the java installations can take a really long time
aAnd now we are done installing the 32 bit version of the java engine
and now we are going to install the 64 bit version also when you have the latest version installed
remeber to just choose yes if it asks you to reinstall the current version because this is really different then the 32 bit one we previously installed
Now we are done installing the java engine again then now we should check out if the minecraft client now works again
in most cases it will and if you are really unlucky lime me then offcourse it still will not start but then we have to check some other things as well
We are now going to check out the device manager
go to the start menu and right click on computer or if you have windows XP on My computer and choose properties
if the new window pops up then click on device manager and windows XP users click on the hardware tab and then on the button device manager
If you are in the device manager go to the folder called display adapaters within the folder display adapaters it shows you allt he graphics cards
you have installed on your system this is most probably one and also when it shows up with a quostion mark or exclamation point then there is something wrong with it
And also if you have an AMD graphics card click on the annotation now to skip the intell part you really don't need
Or of course your are sure that you have an AMD graphics card installed in your system also if you have a Standard VGA card listed in there go with the intell solution first
Now open your fauvorite browser again and go to the Intel download center online and click on the run intel driver update utility
Off course all links to the different websites will be listed in the description section below this video
Now this webpage is completely loaded click on the button check your system for the latest updates
this website also tries to install java or activeX software as wellto detect what kind ofhardware you have on your computer and if you have intel graphics card and if you do wich software you have to install for it
so you have to agree to installing the software from this website because the detecting of the hardware in your computer can take a long time
it also can sometimes bring up a message that the script on the website has stopped working
you have to choose continue the script to not break off the harware detection stuff that is going on in the background and just be patient and let it run it's course
if this tool is done, then fold out the graphics driver folder and then see if it recommends you a driver installation and if it does bassicly download that install it
and then click on the annotation to continue
if it does not show you the correct driver then just keep on watching and we are going to expalin to you how to install the AMD one because you have most likely an AMD graphics card in that case
ok, so now we are going to the website
when the website is completely loaded click on the link support and drivers
now we are on this page click on download now under the header automaticly detect and install
This will bring up a new page with only one download option so on the right side of the page click on the download button to download the AMD driver auto detect software
try saying that twice in a row
also remember were you saved the file on your hard drive so you can find it back easily
after downloading this software go to the location were you saved it and right click the software and choose run as administrator
after the AMD software tried to detect your graphics card and it brings up the message we were unable to find your product or OS it is most likely that you have an OEM branded computer from HP or Dell
they have the nasty habbit of branding also there hardware as well so you have to get the drivers trough them
so bassicly you have to go to the website from your computer manufacturer
in my case that is HP so I can show how it works with the HP software
Dell is pretty simillar on how to do that and you can bassicly download it from there support section under drivers
and then select the computer model you have over there and then just download the corret graphics card drivers from them
but if you where successful on installing the graphics card drivers then you can try and run minecraft and see if it works
in most cases it will and if not just click on the annotation to skip the part where I'm going to install my OEM branded hardware
so for hp drivers go to
click on support and drivers
click on drivers again
and click on START NOW
after also this page is loaded then click on the blue button find products now
And when the finall page is loaded follow the simple steps you are confronted with so bassicly click on the button install and then follow the directions listed below
because it can be different per browser
and when this software is done digging through your computer it will bring up a page with software installation complete and then continue
just bassicly click on that
the next page also brings up a progress bar and the occasional warning that some softwre tries to connect to the internet
just bassicly allow it through so that it can tell what id's it found in your computer about the hardware so then HP nows what computer you actually have
when also the last progress bar finally has disappeared from this webpage it has found your computer and you bassicly can click on it
on this page click on software and driver downloads
and over here select your opperating system
and click next
From all the folders select the driver orriginal one and then find the graphics card driver click on it and the next window choose downloads
also save this download in a convenient place so you can find it back again for installation of course
after this file is downloaded as well then of course go to the location were you saved it and then
Double click it and then just install it and follow the onscreen instructions because that can be different per graphics card type
the message that the installtion was done is missing because the computer restarted and it didn't save to video completely when it did and it is not that important
Now we can also try to run minecraft again
and eeuh
in most cases I would say 90 percent it now will stratup again
if that is the case click on the annotation to skip to the end of the video if it still doesn't work
then you are one of there rare cases that directX is also corrupted or you didn't install the graphics card drivers correctly
now to manually reinstall the directX software just open up your favourite browser again
and go to the Microsfot support page on how to do that I will list in to the description section as well where to find that page on the website
When you have that page open click on the link it is most proably the top one if they dont change it
it is called DirectX End User Runtimes Full Download when a new page is loaed click on the download button
and just click next on the suggestion box that pops up
Also save this file on a lcoation that you can remember easilly so you can find it back to install it again
the file that is currently downloading is not just bassicly an installation file it is an auto extractor
so when the download has finished find the file again and just double click it
and select a location where you want to extract all the program files for the directX also make sure that you make a new directory for it
because it has a lot of files and if you just extract to a regular folder with other stuff in it it gets pretty messy
after the executable is done extracting then go to the folder where you just extracted all the files
and then look for the executable called dxsetup and double click it and follow the instructions to install directX again
after the isntallation has completely finished just remember to restart the computer again even if the setup doesn't ask about it
becaue it is very bassic installer that doesn't have the feature to ask you that
And finally when the computer is started up again
just start up minecraft again and it should work
if there are still issues just drop me personall message and I really hope this helped
and I also hope i didn't bore you to death with my talking and all and stuff like that
and please don't forget to comment rate and subscribe
Bye Bye
and i promise the next video will not be this borring again