Health Benefits of Basil

Uploaded by OneMinuteSixPack on 06.08.2012

Hi I'm Nick and welcome to One Minute Six Pack. Today’s video is an answer to the
question, “Is basil good for you?” The short answer is YES, basil health benefits
are vast. Let’s start with its anti-inflammatory effects. Believe it or not, basil is very
effective at reducing the inflammatory effects of arthritis, allergies, bowel conditions,
and more. Basil is also good at removing harmful bacteria from your body that would otherwise
cause food poisoning.
Other health benefits of basil include the fact that it’s a great source of beta carotene.
Beta carotene is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents the kind of damage to your body that,
if left unchecked, could eventually lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease
and cancer. Basil is also a good source of vitamin K, calcium, and magnesium. These particular
nutrients help maintain healthy bones.
Lastly, basil is loaded with iron, manganese, vitamin C, and potassium; all of which are
essential nutrients that are part of a healthy diet. To get the most out of all these health
benefits of basil, use both fresh and dried forms. That's all for today. To learn more
about how to lose belly fat and get six pack abs, visit Take Care,
and thanks for watching.