Gerenciamento Tempo Parte 1

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Hello dear friends project managers.
Today in our video-class we talk about Time Management.
This video lesson will be divided into some parts of the theme is very extensive.
Watch all parts of this video lesson and learn a little more about this theme.
Time management is not only creating a timeline, analyze it superficially and track tasks that are described therein.
Requires much more time to manage the activities.
I'll start giving some tips on what should and should not be done with about time management.
All time estimates must be based in the WBS.
EAP is a work breakdown structure and have spoken at length about her in another video lesson.
Here's how to decompose the activities of the EAP activities in the frame, as we show the following:
Who performs the task should also realize the estimate of the time, ie
if Mark will perform a task I should ask Mark and he believes it will take time to accomplish this task
or at least have an opinion about it.
Not to say how long it will determine the correct information you will put in order in timeline
but take into consideration the opinion of the performer's task is very important.
Other techniques for calculating time will be demonstrated in our video-class and the belief of Mark as a director of the task will be extremely importance.
Searching for information on previous projects is a very nice thing to do
some activities have already been made by other people, other moments in other projects or even in the same project
seeking information on how much time was determined, and how much time was actually spent for the task
is something very cool to do to have a base and will have to perform the activity.
For example, this activity has been held ten times in the company. From all ten times it was performed in about one week
although I ask my staff, to Mark, he says take a month to accomplish the task.
Oops! We can talk and find out why he's thinking that is going take a month.
It is a means of verifying that the estimate is closer to reality or not.
If he believed that this activity will take place over time, he this can not possibly understand what the real activity to be made.
Or he is anticipating some problems and some risks that you, the manager project, may not have seen.
It is important for us to always have a database to power consult
Unfortunately, not all companies have this information, but it is very nice to have.
Save historic company is very important for you and other project managers.
Another tip is that the estimates are more realistic when the packages work are lower
Namely, when the activities to be performed are smaller.
Activities that will take two or three months is difficult to estimate and calculate
the error will be great time to estimate an activity of this duration.
But if you estimate an activity of two or three days, error probability fell for hours and had not gone in days waste.
Whenever possible have little activities, so their estimates will be more successful.
You should never have booked does not identify the schedule should not be add time activities, for example:
My officials have said that the completion of their activities or summing all, should last approximately a month.
So I will add 10% in each activity over time to have a tolerance, a backlash.
No! One should not do that. Should be left as it was the activities specified and planned
and put a break in order to begin the next stage or other early activities.
This gap should be identified and it has a cost.
Then if you do not use it that cost will be donated to the project but if it is used is a cost that will leave the project.
All gaps should be identified, you should not put no clearances identified.
As we have said, for activities that need to be more accurate they have shorter durations
See the table below how we can accomplish this for some activities that we consider relatively long:
Plan schedule management: What is it?
We've talked in previous lessons that the management plan There are several project management plans within it.
One is the schedule management plan it must be done by project manager and his project team.
What it should contain in order to help us, project managers, the accomplish those activities related to the weather?
See the table below some information to be contained in your plan management schedule:
It should contain some answers as primordial, for example:
What are the control measures that will be made during execution the project.
It is important to determine this in terms of project management for then you can know which are the measures and how to check
to determine if this acting correctly or whether this running line based project management.
What are the performance measures with respect to time.
How will I measure whether I'm playing well, if I am performing poorly, if I'm better than I expected, if I am following exactly my plan or not?
One way to measure me is to create milestones. Milestones are points along strategic project
where you determine if something will be delivered or are only checkpoints is this being done all he should to that moment.
Then the control system changes to your schedule, defined in Schedule management plan
is something that should be done and is one of the questions that must be answered regarding the management plan's schedule.
I hope you enjoyed this video lesson that we brought some tips and some information about the management plan's schedule.
Watch other videos that we have about time management and we learn some tools, techniques and ways of working
to enhance our ability in time management.
And enter our site and meet other information we have for you.
A hug and see you soon.