Butterflied Turkey in 75 Minutes on the Grill

Uploaded by kalamazoogourmet on 18.11.2010

>> Speaker: Russ Faulk: Hi, I'm Russ Faulk, grill master for Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet,
and today we're going to show you how to do this beautiful thirteen pound turkey in just
75 minutes on the grill. The key is butterflying the bird to open it
up flat which allows us to cook it at a higher temperature.
You start by cutting out the backbone, and we're going to remove it entirely with
some stout kitchen sheers. After we get it out, it goes into a pot,
along with the neck bone that we're going to pull out of here
and the tailbone, and we're going to make a stock out of that so that you've got some
juice to make gravy. So you just find the side of the backbone,
cut through the ribs and other bones all the way down.
We're going to work halfway from each side, then we're going to spin it around and work
the other way. So we've got most of it out, we're going to
turn it around here and get the last of it.
There we go. So that, and the tailbone that we need to
cut loose here, go into our pot, we're just going to cover
those with water.
The next thing we have to do is remove the keel bone.
The keel bone runs basically from the head to the tail of the bird,
and it runs through vertically. There's a membrane over it, we need to try
and crack the bone loose up by where the wishbones are.
So there's one side that let loose for us, and there's the other side.
We take a nice boning knife, and we just cut around the outline of it.
You can see it, it almost looks like a necktie kind of shape.
So we've got to cut that loose, there will be some tendons underneath we need to get
rid of as well. Just kind of feel inside, I'll turn it around
here, feel inside down either side of this smooth bone and see if you can release it
before we try prying it out. It can help to get the last of it by turning
it back over breast-side up, and just bear down on it a little bit, pull
it open. I don't know if you can hear that, but that
is the keel bone breaking loose from the other bones it's connected to.
It's a lot easier to pop them loose like that than it is to cut them through.
The backbone has been cut out, that stubborn keel bone has been pried out.
Both are with the neck in a pot back there, we're turning that into some stock we can
use to make gravy, we'll give you a peek at that a little bit
later. So the hard part is done.
What we're going to do now is rush it down with olive oil inside and out and season it
liberally with salt. We're going to get a generous amount of olive
oil in here. This is the side of the turkey that is going
to be against the grill grate. We're not going to flip this turkey over,
it's going to be skin side up the entire time. So we do want to be pretty generous with our
salt. Even though we're doing the inside and outside
of the bird, we are still just doing the surface. And there's a lot of meat here, it's a thirteen
pound turkey, so we are going to be generous with this.
We'll get it turned over here. It's a little hard to do, keeping one hand
clean. But you can work it out by grabbing those
ends of the drumsticks there, and we're going to work it into all the areas
here. This side is what we're going to be getting
nice and brown and crispy, the olive oil is going to help with that.
It's also lends a little bit of flavor. We haven't brined this bird, we're not doing
any fancy seasoning; it's just salt, pepper and olive oil, so we're really keeping it
simple. If you're a fan of brining, you can absolutely
brine this turkey and follow the same cooking instructions.
You can also put a nice barbeque rub on it, which I love to do.
This is how I like to do a turkey for a pulled turkey sandwich, which is really nice.
But today just olive oil, salt, and pepper. It's all about the flavor of this nice cage
free organically raised turkey here. So we've got that done.
Now we want to take these wing bones and tuck them up over the shoulders, to keep those
nice and tight and keep the wing tips from burning too bad.
And when we put it on the grill we're going to turn the drumsticks in toward each other
like that.
Alright the bird is all butterflied and seasoned, it's ready for the grill.
While we were doing all that, we were preheating the grill for indirect cooking at 500 degrees.
On a nice big Kalamazoo K900 like this that means these two burners on this side are on
high, and these two are on low. Although it is a good idea to preheat the
entire grill and then turn these two off right before the turkey goes on.
So it might be a little easier to see with it open here.
This area we've got the fire on high, and this are there is no fire, the turkey is going
to go right over here. We want to lay it direct on the grill grate,
skin side up, and you want the breasts oriented toward the fire.
We're just going to leave it like that and check the temperature after an hour.
It should be good to go.
The stock that we have going here that we're going to use for making gravy couldn't be
simpler. We've got the backbone that we cut out, the
keel bone that we removed, and the neck that was down in the cavity in a pot of water boiling.
We filled that water until it was about half way up the bones, we've got a little salt
in there. That's just going to be on a simmer until
the turkey comes off the grill. When we carve the turkey actually, while we
let it rest, we're going to collected the bedded juice from that.
We'll combine the two and we've got a good bases for our gravy.
We checked it at sixty minutes and the temperature inside the turkey was about 150 degrees, which
is great progress. We're looking for about 165 when we pull it
off. it's been an hour and fifteen minutes now.
So we're at our seventy-five minutes, we've got our instant-read meat thermometer here,
we're just going to check in a couple of places. We're looking for anywhere between 160 and
165 degrees because when we pull this off of the grill it's going to continue to coast
up in temperature. We're reading a perfect 166 in the breast
right here, we're going to check down in the thigh.
You always want to be careful to stay away from the bone,
and here we're at 163. So this turkey is ready to come off the grill.
We've got a beautiful crisp crust here, nice juicy meat inside, this is going to be a great
bird. Okay so we've cooked it for seventy-five minutes,
let it rest for another fifteen minutes, coast up the temperature.
We've got nice luscious meat inside and crispy skin outside,
it's ready to carve as you like. I hope you've enjoyed this whole new way to
cook your Thanksgiving turkey as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you.