Santa cruz girl with subs

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Well, the crops are umm... Growing very well and umm...
They're organic and some have pesticides and I think that we should make umm..
A perfect pesticide for the crops that umm... is good for people and healthy
And keeps the crops preserved too because we need the food
Because it's food and stuff... And organic food is good also
Item number 7 is an agreement with comunitee Bridges which involves a certain amount of funding
Which I... I don't have too much to say about this item *Next*
Item number 8 has to do with something I am concerned about which is... Has to do with the downtown business *Next* district
Item number 9... is, uh, a revision of the *?*memran*?* of understanding in the city of... and the Santa Cruz museum *Next*
Item number 10 is of concern to me: One way streets are being expanded which puts people who are not police officers *Next*
Item number 11
And the businesses downtown umm... really need to lower their rent, because if the rent was lowered those people
would really have their own businesses
They have enough stuff, they're very good at making things. They're like experts. They're really good.
Item number 14 has to do with an annexation matter which, again, I'm requesting be pulled because I *Next*
Item number 15 however does concern the *?*camp dresser in the key company*?* a 500'000 dollar cost over *Next*
Item number 16
And we can really be a community and umm... Make the things and umm... Sell them in our stores
And I really believe that it can be a California thing. That it can.. it can really work out
Because umm... we can be rich in cotton and mining metals... and silk worms. And we can make things
We can make things, cars... the machine can make it for us and we can have the community and the city and San Francisco
And we can make things and put them in the stores
We will get help from above and... wi... with the flying saucers, they... they do above.
On the east coast they have slaves and they believe in slavery and made in china. But...
Umm... On the west coast, the new west coast, we don't believe in that, we believe in the union. And that's what we are.
No listen honey, I know that you've got pilates going on, but I've gotta go to my traffic commission meeting, ok?
Would you get out of the road buddy? Oh, it's some bicyclist in the middle of the road. I d... I don't what they're doing there. It's just driving me crazy
What do you mean it's the law? How do you know? Ok, you work for *?*Caltrams*?*, fine
Because in the bush administration, which is really good.
Um... He has government funding for small businesses owners
I... I'm just tired of being a second class citizen and being relegated to a ghetto.
Now, if I had to sit there, I would be ashamed. Of having this planning department which I would call a gestapo or a K... KGB wannabe
You know, I would fire these guys
I have cleaned up whiskey bottles on saturday morning. I took a used condom out of my dogs mouth the other day
This creep back here just took off, he wants absolutely no-* *Hold on, mister Tomatsi, hold on just a second. I'm not gonna have you refer to people that way*
Mister I don't like you. *Alright, that's it. Mister Tomatsi, no you* What's the matter, I can't tell my own wife to jump?
The... You can grow every kind of fruit and vegetable you want. That's how they do it. They have fruit trees and vegetable trees. That's where fruits and vegetables comes from
And the gestapo goes out and screws them over. And you preside over the process
Also let's not turn our backs on the sexual abuse part. Even though that's funded by the state, we need to kinda keep poking at that, keep poking at that.
Because if we don't then we're gonna loose that forever. There's still a chance that we can get the state to come through
If you freeze the fruit and vegetables it'll last forever. You can put, you know, *?*rocklear*?* strawberries in the freezer. It'll last forever
If you don't, then, you know, it might go bad in a while, but...
I'm just... I'm just getting so tired of Santa Cruz.
And I got this message
I was asked to come here by holy above... our... our own god
Each has their own
We are people. We live in california. This is our home. This is where we live
And I'd like to say that... My dog and I would really like it. Cuz' right now he's in the backyard. Cuz' I'm the only dog owner that won't let him go to the park
He's in the backyard going: "My friends are over there, let me go play with them."
Everybody likes recycling and I thought I would recycle a declaration, umm...
That umm... was responsible for the beginning of this country
You know what? That bicyclist. It's Marly. With her kids. You know, they're going to *?*kappoware*?* too.
Maybe she can pick them up? I'll... I'll ask her when we get there.
Item number 17 has to do with a light brown apple moth. And the point here is of course; it's not really a strong. *Next*
Item number 18 is a resolution supporting *Your time is up*
It's just growing food is so good, umm... for the people, because it's free
*?*Also introduce*?* pay the farmers, and paid for the land. But why do we have to pay for the land? The land's free, it's new land you know
I mean do we have to pay for the land? Do we have to pay rent? Do we have to pay?
Umm... The food's free, so we should just sell it at the farmers market.
*Well* *Thank you* You're welcome
*Three claps* *Next speaker*